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Charles Sturt University receives Regional Research Collaboration funding
Throwing antibiotic resistance for loop
Leaders urged to make firm commitments for second global Covid summit by act-accelerator agency leads
COVID Drug May Also Ease Symptoms of Long COVID
Covid research campaign moves from basic science to antiviral drug design
UK patient had COVID for 505 days
£1.9m funding to advance understanding of links between chronic infections and non-communicable diseases
Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 variants, not more severe or transmissible, so far
Statement on eleventh meeting of International Health Regulations Emergency Committee regarding coronavirus disease pandemic
First round of funded projects announced from Benkovic Research Initiative
Prevalence of Covid remains at high levels across country
QuickStart to treatment for hepatitis C
‘Host-directed therapy’ could treat infectious diseases – including COVID – and limit drug-resistance
UK Government sets out next steps for living with COVID
Promising nose spray could prevent and treat Covid
Alpaca nanobodies potently neutralize SARS-CoV-2 variants
WHO releases clinical management guidelines for influenza
Preparedness gains through PIP PC
Key Antiviral Treatment for Covid Still Effective Despite Resistance Fears
Consequences of Lack of Funding for Efforts to Combat COVID- 19 if Congress Does Not Act
‘We need cultural change’: Aled Edwards on why equity matters when planning for next pandemic
Scientist Aled Edwards on preparing for next pandemic – Now
Antivirals, some antibodies, work well against BA.2 omicron variant of Covid virus
How virus packages its genetic material
Mystery of Long COVID: Brain Fog, Fatigue, Even Sexual Dysfunction
Nanoscale look at coronavirus infection
Tannic acid targets key stages in fight against Covid infection
Oxygen shortage putting lives in danger
Regulations making Covid vaccination condition of deployment to end
Chimerix, READDI at UNC Announce Preclinical Data on COVID Anti-viral Treatment
“It’s certainly not over” warns Imperial academic as COVID-19 restrictions lift
Prime Minister to set out plan for living with Covid
Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid opens new A&E
Cancer computer models identify new drug combinations to treat Covid
Hospital admission with liver cirrhosis: highest mortality rate of all chronic diseases
Genetic difference affects likelihood of severe Covid infection
New Antiviral Drug Combination Is Highly Effective Against SARS-CoV-2, Penn Study Finds
NIAID Pandemic Preparedness Plan targets ‘prototype’ and priority pathogens
Covid human challenge study reveals detailed insights into infection
Oral statement on vaccines as condition of deployment
Second ground-breaking antiviral to be deployed to country’s most vulnerable
England returns to Plan as regulations on face coverings and COVID Passes change today
Over 5,000 people enrolled in UK-wide study for antivirals
Public urged to sign-up to world-first Covid antiviral study
Health and Social Care Secretary’s statement on coronavirus 19 January 2022
Editors call for Covid vaccine and treatment data to be available for public scrutiny
New study shows why remdesivir works against SARS-CoV-2 but not on other viruses like flu
Understanding interactions between drugs and viruses key to being ready for variants and next pandemic