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Baylor University and Texas Business Journals Partner to Study Business Outlook and Impact of Higher Education
Pablo Jarillo-Herrero wins Wolf Prize for groundbreaking work on twistronics
Glimpses of Fatherhood in Non-Pair-Bonding Chimps
Team led by PPPL wins major computer time to help capture on Earth fusion that powers sun and stars
Yarra to mark January 26 with a tribute to Herbert ‘Jock’ Austin
Oil and Gas Boom, Industrial Growth Could Mean Significant New Climate Emissions, Study Finds
Twin Astronomer Probes ‘DNA’ of Twin Stars to Reveal Family History of Milky Way
Obesity in Pregnant Moms Linked to Lag in Their Sons’ Development and IQ
Study to Develop a New Economic Growth Model for Rural Communities in West Texas
Scientists Find Iron ‘Snow’ in Earth’s Core
Religious coping’s impact on older adults with depression
Top UT Austin Research of 2019
Uptick in charter schools is changing way teachers find and get jobs
How cells get moving
Researchers discover critical link to controlling inflammation in Crohn’s disease
How do silt and sand differ when going with flow?
3D Print a Piece of Mars for Holidays
How We Transport Water in Our Bodies Inspires New Water Filtration Method
Vanderbilt reports record $11.9 billion economic impact in Tennessee
ALMA spots most distant dusty galaxy hidden in plain sight
Diversify To Avoid a Repeat of Blackouts, Study Suggests
Blood pressure drug could help problem drinkers: QUT research
Project adapts basic tech to give voice to patients in Africa
First-of-Its-Kind Master’s in Design in Health Launches at UT Austin
New hope for osteoporosis, more durable airplane wings
Research shows ramping up carbon capture could be key to mitigating climate change
Gulf Coast corals face catastrophe
Tech Startups Gravitate Toward Cities with Strong Social Networks, Study Finds
Nurdle Patrol Wages War on Plastic Pellets, With Boost from Lawsuit Settlement
Health workers use new app to reduce falls in older Australians by up to 30 per cent
Texas Mental Health Creative Arts Contest Opens for Submissions
Think you’re allergic to penicillin? Maybe not any more
December edition of Australian Prescriber out now
Corvallis-OSU Symphony to perform annual holiday concert Dec. 6
NASA Awards Contract for Construction of New R&D Facility in Cleveland
Forum addresses future of civil and environmental engineering education
QPS officers and staff members honoured at awards ceremony
FSU announces 2020 Seminole 100 list
Apple expands in Austin
Color, culture or cousin: FSU researcher explores interracial dating
Texas Advanced Computing Center to Use Big Data to Explore Chronic Pain and Opioid Reliance
Sexual minorities continue to face discrimination, despite increasing support
Calling all canines for national Dog Aging Project
Getting to ‘Art’ of Dementia: UC researchers highlight benefits of art intervention
OSU Wind Ensemble, Wind Symphony perform fall concert Nov. 21
Buruli Ulcer research on Peninsula continues
Scientists Find Eternal Nile To Be More Ancient Than Previously Thought
Green Bridge nears completion as final girder installed