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Polling: Labor Ahead on Energy Policy But Many Undecided Voters Up For Grabs
Don’t leave rural health to market economics, says advocate
Apology from AEC Required After Giving Wrong Information on New Senate Voting Rules
Solar surges as large-scale rooftop takes off
Analysis: $130 billion per year benefit to GDP by avoiding climate change
Debugging Watergate: interpreting official responses
Declare War on Global Warming, Say SA Voters as Climate Election Looms
Poll: North/South Divide on Climate Action Exposed as Political Myth
Poll: 80% of Australians support a Federal Integrity Commission with strong powers
Poll: One in Two Voters Support New Car Sales 100% EV by 2025
Poor Voter Impression of Murray Darling Basin Management Soars
SA Voters Want Federal Royal Commission into MDB, Restrictions on Irrigators
National Poll: Australians Opposed to Drilling in Great Australian Bight
Women get half benefit from tax cuts compared to men
Delaying Land Tax Cut ‘Common Sense’: Think Tank
Research: ‘latte sippers’ and ‘chardonnay drinkers’ vote Liberal/National
Opposition Climate Proposal: Solid Plan to Reduce Emissions
Business Council of Australia at Odds With Own Members on Climate Action
Police update: two boys located, Mount Elliot
Australia: More Guns Now Than Before Port Arthur
Majority of South Australians, Including Coalition Voters, Want 100% Renewables by 2030
Poll: SA Voters Don’t Buy Tax Cuts for Property Investors
Rooftops providing more than shelter with record solar contribution
Four-fold increase in extreme heat days forecast for Whitsundays region
Thirty-fold increase in days over 35 degrees forecast for Townsville
Flawed Assumptions Cast Doubt on Dodgy 45% Modelling
Big irrigators first, communities later: River ‘owes’ water to cotton
We won’t be bullied by anti-cotton activists
Kingaroy coal proposal uneconomic
Canberra public hearing to conclude franking credits inquiry
Polling: Minister recognition
DEAD RIGHT: Dr Richard Denniss’ newest book reveals ‘ big con’ of neoliberalism in Australia
Lifetime achievement award for resources sector trailblazer
Murray-Darling: United Condemnation of NSW Water Policy
Australian Taxation Modest by Global Standards
Taxpayer Dollar Boon for Fossil Fuel Exports Under Guise of Overseas Development
Renewables outperformed coal in summer of unprecedented heatwaves
Gov Climate Announcement No ‘Centrepiece Policy’
New Analysis: High Income Individuals Spend Big to Avoid Tax