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Detector Technology Developed at Berkeley Lab Yields Unprecedented 3D Images, Heralding Far Larger Application to Study Neutrinos
Supernovae Twins Open Up New Possibilities for Precision Cosmology
Berkeley Lab Scientist’s Work Deciphering Early Universe Secrets Garners 2021 Gruber Cosmology Prize
First nanoscale look at a reaction that limits efficiency of generating clean hydrogen fuel
Limit global warming to 1.5°C and halve land ice contribution to sea level this century
Improved Desalination Process Also Removes Toxic Metals to Produce Clean Water
Meteorites Reveal Magnetic Record of Protoplanet Churn
Ion Beams Mean a Quantum Leap for Color-Center Qubits
Going Beyond Qubits: New Study Demonstrates Key Components for a Qutrit-Based Quantum Computer
Future Looks Bright for Infinitely Recyclable Plastic
How Techno-economic Analysis Can Improve Energy Technologies
To Design Truly Compostable Plastic, Scientists Take Cues From Nature
In Calculating Social Cost of Methane, Equity Matters
Advanced Light Source Upgrade Project Achieves Major Milestone
New research uncovers mysteries behind little swirling groups of atoms
From Smoky Skies to a Green Horizon: Scientists Convert Fire-Risk Wood into Biofuel
U.S. Power Sector is Halfway to Zero Carbon Emissions
X-Ray Study Recasts Role of Battery Material from Cathode to Catalyst
Spintronics Technology Revolution Could Be Just a Hopfion Away
Hydrogen Offers Promising Future for Long-Haul Trucking Industry
Incredible Bacterial ‘Homing Missiles’ That Scientists Want to Harness
Designing Selective Membranes for Batteries Using a Drug Discovery Toolbox
This Hydrogen Fuel Machine Could Be Ultimate Guide to Self-Improvement
X-Ray Experiments, Machine Learning Could Trim Years Off Battery R&D
To Speed Discovery, Infrared Microscopy Goes ‘Off Grid’
In Memoriam: David Shirley, Former Laboratory Director
This Ultrathin Sensor Could Save Your Lungs – and Climate
India Can Boost Clean Energy and Double Its Power Supply by 2030
How Microorganisms Can Help Us Get to Net Negative Emissions
Do You Know Way to Berkelium, Californium?
Missing Baryons Found in Far-Out Reaches of Galactic Halos
Commercial Truck Electrification is Within Reach
Ancient light illuminates matter that fuels galaxy formation
U.S. Magnet Development Project for CERN Particle Collider Upgrade Moves Forward
Berkeley Lab’s Advanced Monitoring Capabilities Still in Use 10 Years After Fukushima Earthquake and Nuclear Power Plant Disaster
How fast is universe expanding? Galaxies provide one answer
Berkeley Lab Innovation Supports Thousands of Jobs Across Bay Area and Nation
Tantalizing Signs of Phase-change ‘Turbulence’ in RHIC Collisions
Solving a Genetic Mystery at Heart of COVID-19 Pandemic
Location, Location, Location: Regional Tau Deposits in Healthy Elders Predict Alzheimer Disease
A COSMIC Approach to Nanoscale Science
A Sponge to Soak Up Carbon Dioxide in Air
Researchers Hunt for New Particles in Particle Collider Data
National Labs Band Together to Build Prototype Magnet for Future and Existing Light Sources
National laboratories’ magnet designers look to future of light sources with new prototype
Advisory Committee Releases Strategic Plan for U.S. Fusion, Plasma Program
Applying Quantum Computing to a Particle Process
Green Secrets of Goat Poop