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Berkeley Lab Researchers to Provide Leadership and Expertise in Net Zero World Action Center
Using Microbes to Convert Greenhouse Gases to Valuable Chemicals
New silicon nanowires can really take heat
Using Bacteria to Accelerate CO2 Capture in Oceans
Emerging Hydrogen Storage Technology Could Increase Energy Resilience
SLAC’s superconducting X-ray laser reaches operating temperature colder than outer space
How Venice, Italy Can Cut Carbon Emissions from Social Housing
First ‘Telomere to Telomere’ Human Genome Reveals Secrets of Centromere
Skyrmions on rise – new 2D material advances low-power computing
Solar beats nuclear at many potential settlement sites on Mars
Microbial Response to Changing and Fire-Prone Arctic Ecosystem
Capturing Carbon With Inspiration From Battery Chemistry
Using Hundred-Year-Old Chemistry to Capture Carbon Directly From Air
Newly Discovered Bacterial Enzyme Produces Useful Biopolymer
Team simulates collider physics on quantum computer
CUORE team places new limits on bizarre behavior of neutrinos
Efficient and Healthy Schools Campaign Focuses On Indoor Air Quality
Achieving Climate Goals Will Require Transformational Changes
Berkeley Lab Team Hunts for Carbon in Soil Without Getting Their Hands Dirty
Scientists Uncover Surprising New Clues to Exotic Superconductors’ Superpowers
Laser-Powered Upgrade to Cancer Treatment
Lung Tissue from Lab
How X-Rays Can Make Better Batteries
Safely Studying Dangerous Infections Just Got Lot Easier
New simulations refine axion mass, refocusing dark matter search
National Energy Storage Summit to Jumpstart America’s Energy Storage Future
Quantifying California’s Lithium Valley: Can It Power Our EV Revolution?
Science snapshots from Berkeley Lab 16 February
Helping Puerto Rico Achieve 100% Renewable Energy by 2050
Berkeley Lab Researchers, Computational Facilities Play Key Role in Barrier-Breaking Neutrino Mass Measurement
Reiner Kruecken to Lead Berkeley Lab’s Nuclear Science Division
With Little Help, New Optical Material Assembles Itself
Advancing materials science with help of biology and dash of dish soap
New X-Ray Technique Sees Crystal in Powder
Solving crystal’s structure when you’ve only got powder
Crystallography for misfit crystals
National Labs Support Safe Nuclear Waste Disposal by Studying Safety Material for Underground Sites
Electricity regulation with equity and justice for all
Scientists create largest 3D map of cosmos
Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument Creates Largest 3D Map of Cosmos
New Technique Tunes Into Graphene Nanoribbons’ Electronic Potential
All-Star Scientific Team Seeks to Edit Entire Microbiomes with CRISPR
New Device Advances Commercial Viability of Solar Fuels
New Smart-Roof Coating Enables Year-Round Energy Savings
PPPL continues to expand research portfolio by hiring head of Strategic Partnerships
PPPL continues efforts to expand research portfolio by hiring David Zimmerman to its Strategic Partnership Office
India’s Clean Power Target Will Double Electricity Supply Economically if Low-Cost Storage is Deployed
Plants Buy Us Time to Slow Climate Change – But Not Enough to Stop It