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Connecting Dots: Researcher Works to Adapt Image-Recognition Technique Into Quantum Realm
InnovationXLab Biomanufacturing Summit Aims to Push Scientific Frontiers and Boost Bioeconomy
CUORE Underground Experiment Narrows Search for Rare Particle Process
Milestone in Advanced Light Source Upgrade Project Will Bring in a New Ring
Polluted Wastewater in Forecast? Try A Solar Umbrella
Unique Cancer Drug Discovered With Help From Advanced Light Source Begins Historical Clinical Trial
‘Twas Night Before Periodic Table
Quantum Information Edge Launches to Accelerate Quantum Computing R&D for Breakthrough Science
Berkeley Lab’s Top 10 Science Stories of 2019
Tiny Quantum Sensors Watch Materials Transform Under Pressure
Simulations Attempt to Reconstruct One of Most Explosive Events in Universe: A Neutron Star Merger
A Peek into Battery Technology Pipeline
Freeze Frame: Scientists Capture Atomic-Scale Snapshots of Artificial Proteins
A Matchmaker for Microbiomes
Beauty of Imperfections: Linking Atomic Defects to 2D Materials’ Electronic Properties
Climate Change Expected to Shift Location of East Asian Monsoons
Scientists Explore Egyptian Mummy Bones With X-Rays and Infrared Light to Gain New Insight on Ancient Life
Machine Learning Enhances Light-Beam Performance at Advanced Light Source
A Game-Changing Test for Prion, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s Diseases is on Horizon
Distributed Solar Prices Fall Annually by 5% to 7%
Machine Learning Algorithms Help Predict Traffic Headaches
Gaming Protein Structures: X-Ray Studies Confirm Power of Crowdsourcing
Dark Matter Experiment’s Central Component Takes a Deep Dive – Nearly a Mile Underground
DESI Opens Its 5,000 Eyes to Capture Colors of Cosmos
Improving Indoor Air Quality During Wildfires
Living on Edge: How a 2D Material Got Its Shape
Using Physics to Keep Our Electrical Grid Safe
Better Predicting Earthquake Damage to Infrastructure with Faster Computing
Unlocking Biochemical Treasure Chest Within Microbes
Trash to Treasure: Scientists Convert Municipal Waste to Biofuel Precursors
Can Cellphones Help Cities Be More Energy Efficient?
How Does Climate Change Affect Mountainous Watersheds That Give Us Our Water?
Distinguished European Academy Elects Berkeley Lab Chemist Polly Arnold
New $100M Innovation Hub to Accelerate R&D for a Secure Water Future
How to Get a Particle Detector on a Plane
ESnet a Key Partner on Project to Build Novel Network Research Infrastructure
A Single Dose for Good Measure: How an Anti-Nuclear-Contamination Pill Could Also Help MRI Patients
New Investigation Cuts Through Haze Surrounding “Smoke-Free” Tobacco Products
How California Wildfires Can Impact Water Availability
Study Reveals ‘Radical’ Wrinkle in Forming Complex Carbon Molecules in Space
Chemistry of Art: Scientists Explore Aged Paint in Microscopic Detail to Inform Preservation Efforts
Tiny Toxins: How Algal Blooms Affect Coastal Systems Through a Complex Web of Interactions
VIDEO: Particle Accelerators Drive Decades of Discoveries at Berkeley Lab and Beyond
Wildfires Could Permanently Alter Alaska’s Forest Composition
Report Confirms Wind Technology Advancements Continue to Drive Down Cost of Wind Energy
Amazon Rainforest Absorbing Less Carbon Than Expected
Getting Teens Hooked on STEM
Cool Roofs Can Help Shield California’s Cities Against Heat Waves