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DOE Funds Berkeley Lab’s Joint BioEnergy Institute Again
Women Solve KY Health Woes with Comp. Sci: UK Researcher
India Aims for Energy Independence by 2047: Study
New Method to Rapidly Test Virus Proteins for Antibiotic Potential
Enhanced Weathering to Slow Climate Change?
Day in Half-Life
New Polymer Coating Could Boost EV Batteries
New DESI planetarium show to premier in 2023
On Road to Better Solid-State Batteries
Quantum Computing Used to Simulate Atomic Nuclei
Copper Catalyst Breaks Record in Converting CO2 to Liquid Fuels
Heat- and Electricity-Resistant Compound Paves Way for New Energy Storage Tech
Doubling Protected Land May Mean Tradeoffs: Study
Microscopy Unlocks Possibilities in Quantum Computing Control
Berkeley Lab Aids Creation of Global Security Tool
Rinse and Repeat: Easy New Way to Recycle Batteries is Here
Robots May Live Forever: Self-Repairing Future Ahead
Lost Video of Georges Lemaître, Father of Big Bang Theory, Recovered
Balancing Battery-Powered Future With Energy Justice
Basics2Breakthroughs: Decluttering data to accelerate Earth science
Climate Change Likely to Uproot More Amazon Trees
AI discovers new nanostructures
Climate Change Intensifying California Winter Storms: Expert
Machine Learning Tackles Long COVID
Electronic Bridge Allows Rapid Energy Sharing between Semiconductors
Energy Sharing Enabled by Electronic Bridge
Berkeley Lab Scientists Develop Cool New Method of Refrigeration
Donnan Potential, Revealed at Last
Donnan Potential Revealed After Years of Study
Berkeley Lab’s Big Science Stories of 2022
Say hello to toughest material on Earth
How to edit genes of nature’s master manipulators
To combat climate change, scientists tapping carbon-hungry microorganisms for clues
Limiting global warming now can preserve valuable freshwater resources
Taking freight trucks electric would have big economic and environmental benefits for India
Boron nitride with twist could lead to new way to make qubits
Process converts polyethylene bags, plastics to polymer building blocks
Scientists help reveal ‘blueprint’ for photosynthesis
Upgraded Laser Facility Paves Way for Next-Generation Particle Accelerators
Research Team Reveals ‘Blueprint’ for Photosynthesis
Peering Into Mirror Nuclei, Physicists See Unexpected Pairings
Scientists Grow Lead-Free Solar Material With Built-In Switch
Print, Recycle, Repeat: Scientists Demonstrate Biodegradable Printed Circuit
Protein structures aren’t set in stone
Faster Way to Study 2D Materials for Next-Generation Quantum and Electronic Devices
R&D 100 Awards Honor Seven Berkeley Lab Innovations
Visualizing nanoscale structures in real time
Report highlights technology advancement and value of wind energy