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$2.4 million NIH grant to fund research into better, faster diagnosis of lung nodules
Watson senior projects take ideas from classroom to real world
New biobatteries use bacterial interactions to generate power for weeks
Cornell documents first crows to survive deadly West Nile virus
Ship to shore: Paleontologist contributes to ocean expedition from Binghamton
Massive dataset finds which governments have best responded to Covid pandemic
$2.3 million NIH grant to fund research on ‘smart’ knee replacements
Living hi Doctoral candidate to preserve stories of Ivory Coast’s founding
Education and Green Technology Offer Southern Tier Renewal Opportunities
Power up: NSF-funded research explores potential of sodium-ion batteries
Mapping past and future: Fulbright aids research in Guiana Shield
Commissioned ROTC seniors embrace change, uncertainty
Quarantine: Book explores earlier international effort to combat disease
Spider can hide underwater for 30 minutes
Research proves correct dosage for ultraviolet disinfection against COVID
Processing power: Research could lead to development of new superconductors
Human skin has evolved to allow maximum durability and flexibility
New research provides better understanding of skin’s durability
Rice University geobiologist tapped for Antarctic drilling mission
Future anthropologist focuses on infectious diseases
Watson Combat Robotics League to host first in-person tournament
Orb-weaver spider uses web to capture sounds
New study shows spiders use webs to extend their hearing
Old pandemic, new stories: How Covid sparked forgotten accounts of 1918 flu
New computer science master’s program to focus on information systems
Study analyzes link between Facebook posts and epilepsy-related deaths
New war, old wounds: historical perspective on war in Ukraine
Pandemic lessons: Research shows strength of democracy in times of crisis
Problem-solving pros: Three math majors get results at Putnam competition
Black diversity: Panelists discuss African diaspora experience
Catch some Zzzs: Kids’ book explains mysteries of sleep
New Energy New York stakeholders meet to discuss lithium-ion battery manufacturing proposal
Bare bones: Research explores new method of determining sex
Landscapes of slavery: New book gives visual history of 19th-century plantations
Steering conversion of CO2 and ethane to desired products
Unraveling mystery: Research explores longevity and ALS
Walking Land: New book explores history of Israel’s hiking trails
Parties lead and voters follow
Measuring impact of drugs on global health can aid in identifying shortcomings
Research reveals no significant link between in-person schooling and COVID infection rates
Light E-beacon: Method may lead to faster, more accurate test for coronavirus
Laying groundwork: Can Congo build its own stock market?
Mass shootings occur less frequently in towns with more religious congregations
Mars’ missing water might be stored in clay mineral
It’s Phase 2 for Battery500 Consortium
Door to China: Binghamton has its first Schwarzman Scholar
Heart of darkness: Research probes intersection of religion, mass shootings, suicide and hate
How you speak up at work can affect whether you’re picked for team