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Study identifies genetic risks for suicide death in individuals with bipolar disorder
Managing attention deficit disorder by training brain
Up to one in six people with COVID-19 report long COVID symptoms
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DNA methylation changes and characteristics in neurons of bipolar disorder patients
Research Snapshot: Hidden variable gives people another tool to manage major depressive disorders
Young Adults with Schizophrenia Have Highest Suicide Risk
Additional genetic risk variants behind bipolar disorder have emerged
Researchers identify 33 new genetic variants associated with bipolar disorder
World’s largest bipolar Genomics study provides New insights into biological causes of disorder
Brain scans could offer sign of postpartum psychosis risk
New findings linking brain immune system to psychosis
Partners of people with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder have often a mental disorder
Pandemic deepens health inequalities for mental health patients
A Proclamation on National Mental Health Awareness Month, 2021
Investigating embattled brain
Digital healthcare challenging to people with severe mental health illnesses
Profound loss of pleasure related to early-onset dementia
Blood test for depression, bipolar disorder offers promise of personalized treatment
International team identifies genetic link between face and brain shape
Disrupted biochemical pathway in brain linked to bipolar disorder
Researchers craft AI-based tool that detects bipolar disorder at earlier stages
Mental illness linked to worse heart attack outcomes
Distinctness of mental disorders traced to differences in gene readouts
Free online presentation: Living life with anxiety by Sarah Wilson
Potential new biomarker for depression and bipolar disorder
Safety review of epilepsy medicines in pregnancy – women who may become pregnant urged to discuss treatment options with their
Large transporter protein linked to schizophrenia
Initiative to employ AI in behavioral health monitoring
Brain tissue yields clues to causes of PTSD
UOW researcher receives prestigious medical research award
Can Early Drug Intervention Prevent Weight Gain in Mentally Ill Children?
Nursing’s Jaclene Zauszniewski awarded $2.6M grant to study stress management in caregivers of people with dementia
When Male and Female Brain Connections Break Down Differently
No, your birth control won’t cause depression
Using machine learning to track pandemic’s impact on mental health
Twin study of psychosis reveals developmental signaling deficit and imbalance of excitatory and inhibitory neurons
High Fructose Intake May Drive Aggressive Behaviors, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder
A scholarship with power to change young lives
How much do our genes restrict free will?
CMA to investigate supply of bipolar drug
New recruitment drive to help 10,000 people with serious mental illness
University-led international research reveals common foundation for six psychiatric disorders
Researchers aim to use machine learning to improve diagnosis, treatment of mental illness
First results of an upgraded experiment highlight value of lithium for creation of fusion energy
Bedford Joins Fight to Stop COVID-19 Spread