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Probiotics alone or combined with prebiotics may help ease depression
Common inherited genetic variant identified as frequent cause of deafness in adults
Surge in domestic child abuse during pandemic, reports specialist UK children’s hospital
Too many men avoid bowel cancer tests
Review finds major weaknesses in evidence base for covid-19 antibody tests
Study reveals high prevalence of ‘hidden’ illnesses in people with type 2 diabetes
Too many men avoid bowel cancer test kits
Leading academics call for statutory levy on gambling firms to reduce harm
Children at risk from falling UK vaccination rates, warn doctors
Third of UK paediatricians report seeing ‘delayed presentations’ in emergency care during lockdown
Opinion: Why too much focus on COVID-19 could be harming our children
Experts raise concerns over UK government’s “game-changing” antibody testing strategy
Rigid treatments can cause disease to spread
Cyberbullying linked to various types of post traumatic stress for victims and perpetrators
Inflammatory bowel disease linked to doubling in dementia risk
Switching from general to regional anaesthesia may cut greenhouse gas emissions
International study indicates shift to raw/home-made food diet for pets over past decade
IOP Publishing joins forces with other publishers to make research publishing more inclusive and diverse
Stress-management strategies can boost health care teams during pandemic
Women are majorly under-represented in COVID-19 research authorship
237+ million medication errors made every year in England
Siblings of infants who have died suddenly and unexpectedly at 10-fold risk of same death
Food industry “shares blame” for severity of covid-19, argue experts
Study underlines importance of adequate PPE and training for frontline health professionals to prevent covid-19 infection
BAME women account for over half of pregnant women in UK hospitals with covid-19
Widely available indigestion drug may curb COVID-19 symptoms in mild to moderate disease
1 in 3 women in India is likely to have been subjected to intimate partner violence
Inflammatory syndrome thought to be linked to covid-19 seems more common among children of African ancestry
Wearing face masks at home might help ward off COVID-19 spread among family members
Children are being side-lined by COVID-19
Study reveals “extensive” financial links between leaders of US medical societies and industry
Study sheds light on risks of breast cancer after pre-invasive disease
Risk factors associated with severe and fatal cases of COVID-19 identified
Age, male sex, obesity, and underlying illness emerge as risk factors for severe covid-19 or death
Tackling alcohol harms must be an integral part of nation’s recovery from covid-19
Small risk of muscle and bone malformations in newborns for mothers who have taken common thrush treatment
Most young people with increased suicide risk only display ‘mild to moderate’ mental distress – study
Dairy-rich diet linked to lower risks of diabetes and high blood pressure
UK’s response to covid-19 “too little, too late, too flawed”
Further evidence does not support hydroxychloroquine for patients with covid-19
Compression stockings might not be needed to prevent blood clots after surgery
More than 300 million cases of hip and knee osteoarthritis worldwide in 2017
Physically demanding jobs linked to shorter working lives and more sick leave
Roll-out of coronavirus behaviour change website will help public transition to ‘new normal’
Home-based cardiac rehabilitation training offered free to cardiac teams affected by COVID-19
Mexico’s sugary drinks tax has helped cut consumption after just three years
Being overweight throughout life increases risk of heart disease and diabetes
Can we do more to protect people at home when a family member has coronavirus?