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Countering Transnational Terrorism Forum Holds Second Meeting
FIFA signs renewed Memorandum of Understanding with ECA
European Quantum Computer Project OpenSuperQ Is Extended
WFP Chief, Hungarian Foreign Minister Meet to Boost Ties
Russia, Ukraine Blame Each Other as Tensions Mark Year
UK Urges OSCE to Free Belarus Political Prisoners
Samantha Power Visits Hungary for USAID
Samantha Power to Visit Hungary: USAID Chief
OECD Calls on Hungary to Combat Bribery: Jan. 2023
Experts Praise Ireland For Taking in Ukrainian Kids, Urge Action for Roma, Traveller and Disabled Children 28 January
Experts Praise Ireland For Taking in Ukrainian Kids, Urge Action for Roma, Traveller and Disabled Children
Dogs Communicate With Humans, Not Pigs
Statement by Minister Hussen on Raoul Wallenberg Day 18 January
Raoul Wallenberg Day Keynote Address
New Ambassador to Mali: Katy Ransome
Cells’ Circadian Clock Unaffected by Starvation
Fred Kerley to Race at Maurie Plant Meet in Melbourne
CMU Portugal Ph.D. Student Develops AI to Classify Epileptic Seizures
Eye on reconstruction in Ukraine
Australia Day 2023 Ambassador announcement
Experts: EU Fiscal Policies Insufficient for Climate Targets
Clues Found Regarding Tumor Suppressor Gene’s Breast Cancer Activity
Clues found regarding tumor suppressor breast cancer activity
Joining forces in fighting digital violence against women
Actions from Brussels to Ukraine call for new deal for nature
Data Misused for Political Campaigns in Hungary
Hungary sees 116% growth in noninvasive prenatal testing | BGI Perspectives
Elena Rovenskaya, Program Director of Advancing Systems Analysis contributes to Budapest Eurasia Forum 2022 organized by Central
Putting our Budapest foot forward – pounding pavement at NATO Run in Hungary
Strengthening non-proliferation and disarmament system against growing global instability UK statement
ILO and ELA joined forces to reduce risks of undeclared work, labour exploitation and trafficking in persons fleeing war
Countries commit to strengthen resources for conservation of rapidly declining migratory waterbirds
European countries develop circular bioeconomy with support CEE2ACT project
Deputy Secretary General underlines NATO’s commitment to Ukraine ”for long haul”
How microglia, main immune cells of brain contribute to brain development by interacting with newborn neurons
U.S. President Biden Announces Key Nominees 17 September
Newly identified fossil insect used 360-degree vision and sticky feet to find and snare its meals
27th Budapest Pride Festival statement
Record Games representation for Birmingham
Remarks by President Biden and Prime Minister Yair Lapid of State of Israel
IAEA Reviews Hungary’s Nuclear Emergency Preparedness and Response Framework
Russia’s contempt for international law is clear UK statement to OSCE
Young people should stand up against populism, nationalism and extremism that risk silencing their voices, says Secretary General
Central European University and City of Vienna Seek New Location for University
How island nations are building their online defences
Collapsing leading theory for quantum origin of consciousness
New study finds how dogs think of their toys
Privacy International, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Human Rights Watch’s statement on Countering Use of Information