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Cardiff Univ. Institutes Focus on Global Innovation, Research
Tropical Forest Recovery Offsets Only 25% of Carbon Emissions
Research Project Examines Slavery’s Links to Wales History
Covid-19 Pandemic’s Impact on Welsh Long-Term Conditions
Catalysts of energy transition
Cardiff wins £1.2m boost for social science research
Inspiring young people to live life scientific
Building smarter to help cut NZ’s carbon emissions
Risk to pregnant women as medication reluctance
UK-India-Cardiff partnership for immunity testing
Ultrasound Device Could Treat Hypertension: Study
£5m Awarded to Enhance Veterans’ Healthcare Innovations
‘Antisocial’ damselfish are scaring off cleaner fish customers
Funding for Tech Projects to Improve Veterans’ Healthcare
Young people say what they want for place where they live
Cardiff Univ. & Astex Partner for Drug Discovery
Cardiff Univ. Forms Strategic Partnership to Aid Higher Ed., Heritage in Wales
Gender Pay Gap Linked to Performance-Related Pay: Analysis
Prepared to deal with evolving cyber threats, report concludes
Gareth Pierce bursary
Pigeons Take On AI in Mental Challenge
Attitudes towards green energy affected by fracking debate
Cyber Innovation Hub joins sbarc|spark
Reflecting Values: Key to Happier Relationships
Antiverse joins Cardiff Innovations
Creative Freelancers Can Apply for Seed Funding at Cardiff Univ
EV Charging Stations Boost Home Values: Proximity Matters
Research to Examine Impact of Economic Turbulence on Work Experience
Empirisys takes space at sbarc|spark
Tackling infections that pass from animals to humans
Cardiff University signs MoU with CSA Catapult
Elite Kitchens Found to be Abusive Worldwide: Study
Concentric Health using co-working space in sbarc | spark
Testing wastewater for Covid and communicable diseases
Sixteen US cities in National Cardiff Violence Prevention Network
Covid drug trial results released
Molnupiravir Fails to Cut Covid Hospitalizations in High-Risk Vaccinated
ASTUTE 2020+ contributes £541 million to Welsh economy
Cardiff tech thrives at SETsquared Awards
Children’s University rolled out more widely in Cardiff
Making Well – partnership for health and healing
Adolescent wellbeing improved by online contact with close friends
New Alzheimer’s genes discovered in world’s largest study
Education increases genetic risk of shortsightedness
Genetics combined with long years of schooling can lead to nearsightedness in kids
People from England’s most deprived areas ten times more likely to be in prison, analysis finds
What’s occurin’: Dialects in Barry, Caerphilly and Pontypridd subject of academic study
Urgency, Accountability, and Private Jets at UN Climate Summit COP27