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Funding for Wales Data Nation Accelerator projects
Scientists create new method to kill cyberattacks in less than second
Hotline give apply this is Penn State academics admission tuition and aid research athletics news research high rates of landscape
University of Sussex’s Centre for Inclusive Trade Policy launches today
Understanding Muslim Mental Health
Navigating machiavellianism in corporate alliance partnerships
REF 2021 – Research that matters
Real Living Wage milestone as 10,000 employers are accredited
£9.5m for Cardiff-led Cyber Innovation Hub
King’s researcher leads £10million EPSRC grant investigating light-driven energy-conversion
European farmland could be biggest global reservoir of microplastics, study suggests
Greener route to widely used industrial material
GW4 Generator Award: Seven collaborative research communities awarded £125k funding
Scientists identify specific genes that play key role in schizophrenia
Serious violence peaked after Covid restrictions eased – report
Managing UK agriculture with rock dust could absorb up to 45 per cent of atmospheric carbon dioxide needed for net-zero
Protected areas can be beating heart of nature recovery in UK, but they must be more than lines on map
Lancaster part of MRC National Mouse Genetics Network
Landmark Study Reveals Clearest Genetic Signals Yet for Schizophrenia Risk
New Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England announced
Cardiff joins offshore renewable energy project
Biggest study of its kind implicates specific genes in schizophrenia
Research of its kind implicates specific genes in schizophrenia
Study finds ‘Traffic Light’ tool used by GPs to assess seriously unwell children is ‘unreliable’
Cardiff University/Cardiff Half Marathon
Artificial intelligence to bring museum specimens to masses
Three communities living near historic iron age hillforts join forces for new collaborative project
Spreading word on health benefits of wild swimming
New method to bimetallic catalysis enhances rate through electrochemical communication
Children’s views to drive better future for their community
Programming Immune System to Supercharge Cancer Cell Therapies
TeenTech returns to Wales
Microscope delivers world-class imaging
Menthol cigarettes used by three fifths of young smokers in Wales prior to their ban
New data raises “important questions” about consistency of support for children in care
Further support for households may be needed as cost-of-living squeeze continues
“Running crept up on me”
New strategic partnership launched between GW4 Alliance and Western Gateway
Sbarc|spark opens new doors
Covid has increased awareness of devolution among UK news providers, report shows
Welsh speakers’ views to be given more prominence with new online tool
Repurposing FDA-approved drugs may help combat Covid
Why urban greening isn’t a panacea for extreme weather under climate change
Mum inspired to study child nursing to honour her son
Shortcomings in Wales’ local authority climate commitments, report finds
Report calls for urgent action on climate change inequality
Bereaved people who are socially isolated have higher levels of grief and support needs, finds national survey
Partnership drives innovation in Cardiff Capital Region