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Research films put science at heart of COP Cymru
Partnerships lead joins Innovation Board
Ship Shape and Cardiff join forces
Scientists develop single blood test to measure T-cell and antibody response to SARS-CoV-2
Original artworks honour people behind heritage project success
De-platforming Covid conspiracy theorists from Facebook has limited impact
Tech-based health and exercise programmes less beneficial for users with low socio-economic status, study shows
Cardiff University heads to EXPO 2020 Dubai
Cardiff University and University of Waikato sign strategic partnership
Black holes of ‘all shapes and sizes’ in new gravitational wave catalogue
Children’s relationships with teachers remained strong despite emotional toll of pandemic, report finds
Astronomers investigating death of nearby galaxies find their culprit
Attitudes to death and dying in UK
UK public concern over climate crisis ‘at all-time high’ as crucial COP26 summit begins
New £15m genomics facility for Wales is given go ahead
Clocking speed of ocean circulation holds key to past African climates
Cardiff University to take leading role in Covid antiviral trial
Anti-racism to be explored in new series of talks
Anti-cancer drug derived from fungus shows promise in clinical trials
Alzheimer’s and Covid share genetic risk factor
Researchers unite with artist to shine spotlight on nation’s unpaid carers
Tackling loneliness with mixed reality technology
New heritage centre showcases 6,000 years of West Cardiff history
New collaboration aims to create centre of excellence for clinical research in Cardiff
Researcher on fast track thanks to dementia charity founded by F1 legend
History of colorism sheds light on discrimination today
Feeling spark: flowers release their perfume in response to electricity of bee’s touch
New drug shows promise in slowing growth of bowel cancer
Welsh University of Year 2022
Changing diets to tackle climate change ‘unattainable’ for minority groups
Two-thirds report social isolation and loneliness following loss of loved one during pandemic
Importance of non-verbal communication in remote working to be focus of research
During pandemic two thirds of people report experiencing social isolation and loneliness
Scientist receives future leader funding
North Wales medical degree programme to double intake from next year
New study shows 9/11 prepared firms for economic effects of Covid
9/11 prepared firms for economic effects of Covid, research finds
9/11 prepared firms for economic effects of Covid, research find
24 Argentines will study in UK with Chevening scholarships
Aleydis Nissen Wins Andrés Bello Prize
High-profile Western media outlets repeatedly infiltrated by pro-Kremlin trolls
Oil palm plantations reshape human hunting
Cardiff University project to deliver £7.2m PPE from Wales to Namibia
Children living with someone who has mental health issues two-thirds more likely to experience similar difficulties
Taste of milk&sugar for sbarc
Complete University Guide 2022
Harnessing Sun to tackle period poverty
New 10-year patient safety analysis highlights areas for improvement in acute medical units