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Ohio Diabetes Researchers Find CIDEC Protein Mitigates Obesity-Linked Cardiometabolic Disease
Weight Loss Benefits Heart, Even with Regained Pounds
Regaining Some Weight Doesn’t Affect Heart Benefits from Shedding Pounds
Walnuts’ Gut Connection to Heart Health
Depressed, and Aging Fast
Road Noise Raises Blood Pressure: Study
Americans Not Meeting LDL-C Targets Have 44% Higher Risk of Heart Events
For clues to healthy brain aging, look to Bolivian Amazon
Monash and Sheba Partner to Accelerate Medical Innovation
Personalised care at heart of significant funding boost
Mediterranean Diet Cuts CVD, Death Risk in Women by 25%
MRFF Cardiovascular Health Grant
Mediterranean Diet Cuts Women’s CVD Risk by 25%
$382M for 200 Groundbreaking Medical Research Projects
Remote BP Program Enhances Care in Pandemic: Study
ESC to Host Preventive Cardiology 2023 Event
Middle East Region Receives First Chest Pain Center Certifications
Meat alternatives can lower your cholesterol, study finds
Research Finds Poor Sleep Tied to Long-Term Cardiovascular Risk
UCL Academic Heads UK Taskforce on Cardiovascular Disease Prevention
UK Government to consider radical new approach to prevent life-threatening cardiovascular disease
Intermittent fasting cuts COVID-19 risks in heart patients
Heart attacks & strokes up on daylight saving change
Erratic Sleep Tied to High Blood Pressure in Overweight Teens
Teens’ Irregular Sleep Tied to High Blood Pressure
2023 New South Wales Election Statement
Good Sleep May Help Reach Exercise and Diet Goals: Study
Research: Good Sleep Helps Stick to Diet, Exercise Goals
AHA: Heart Healthy Habits Linked to Longer, Healthier Life
Heart-Healthy Lifestyle Linked to Longer, Healthier Life
Lower Heart Risk in Older Adults with 500 More Steps/Day
Older Adults’ 500 Extra Steps Daily Linked to Lower Heart Risk
Higher Risk of Heart Disease in Black Women Linked to Racism
How Can Healthcare System Achieve Health Equity?
Texas Heart Institute Pioneers Cell Therapy for Heart Failure
Cardio Health Tied to Longer Life Without Chronic Disease
Air Pollution Linked to Heart Risks: Study
Women’s Heart Health Needs More Attention: U of T Study
Study explores link between neighbourhoods and heart health
Exercise Can Boost Brain Function Later in Life: Study
Heart disease deaths declining, but not for everyone
ACC, AHA, SCAI Release Interventional Cardiology Training Guidelines
ACC, AHA, SCAI Release New Interventional Cardiology Training Guidelines
ACC, AHA, SCAI Release New Interventional Cardiology Training Guidelines
Utah Social Entrepreneurs Get Funds to Fight Health, Racial Inequity
Diabetes Risk Rises with COVID-19 Infection Confirmed
Risk of CVD Linked to High Intake of Free Sugars
Does risk for heart disease start before birth?