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Hormonal changes during menopause are directly related to decline in cardiovascular health
KU Leuven study demonstrates connection between large urban trees and human health
Policy recommendations offer strategies to close ‘significant gaps’ in nutrition security
Hypertensive pregnancy disorders linked to higher risk of cardiac events later in life
Investment, action urged to improve access, quality and equity in women’s heart health
Study Finds Pandemic Led to Decline in Exercise Performance in Children and Young Adults
Student debt can impair your cardiovascular health into middle age
Lockdown hastens demise of combined contraceptive pill
Faster accumulation of cardiovascular risk factors linked to increased dementia risk
Study: Mediterranean-Style Diet Further Linked to Reduced Risk of Preeclampsia in Pregnant Women of All Races
Following Mediterranean-style diet during pregnancy may reduce risk of preeclampsia
Following Mediterranean-style diet during pregnancycould help lower risk of preeclampsia
Cross-Racial Study of 1.87M Vets Shows Wide Disparities in Dementia
People at risk of future heart disease and stroke may be at greater risk for severe Covid
Lead as social determinant of child and adolescent physiological stress and behavior
Research key to addressing dismal US maternal mortality rates
International Study Shows Risk Factors in Childhood are Related to Cardiovascular Events in Adulthood
E-cigarettes are harmful and addicting youth: report
Healthy hearts for an overlooked group
Creating Clear Guidelines for Treating Opioid Addiction and Preventing Overdoses
UC, Kroger form research collaboration to improve health outcomes
Treating chronic hypertension in early pregnancy benefits parents, babies
Exercise improves health markers in young female survivors of childhood trauma
Hitting links could be hole in one for your health
Eating two servings of avocados week linked to lower risk of cardiovascular disease
CUIMC Inclusive Hiring Effort, Project PossABILITY, Receives City Award
Neighborhood trees may protect against high medical costs, poor health
Research challenges theory that light alcohol consumption benefits heart health
Exercise holds even more heart health benefits for people with stress-related conditions
Could your voice reveal your heart health?
ESC Preventive Cardiology 2022: physical and mental health to prevent heart disease
Plant-based omega-3s may boost heart health, reduce risk of heart disease
As temperatures spike, so do deaths from heart disease
Living near noise pollution tied to greater risk of heart attack
100g of cranberries day improves cardiovascular health
HuffPost: Is there any way to reduce your risk of long COVID if you get sick?
Covid and heart: Safely returning to sports
Trial Testing Cocoa Flavanol Supplement Shows Promise for Reducing Cardiovascular Risk
Trial testing cocoa flavanol supplement reveals promise for reducing cardiovascular risk
Eating protein from greater variety of sources may lower risk of high blood pressure
Blood levels of two markers may help determine heart health of individuals with skin-related conditions
‘Global Weirding’: Marshall Fire Fuels Questions About Weather and Public Health
Clinical decision support system reduces cardiovascular risk in patients with serious mental illness
$20 million committed for research focused on health equity in maternal, infant CVD health
Study finds drinking wine with meals was associated with lower risk of type 2 diabetes
Resistance exercise may be superior to aerobic exercise for getting better ZZZs
La dieta puede desempeñar un papel en el desarrollo de complicaciones en el embarazo entre las mujeres hispanas o latinas
Diet may play role in development of pregnancy complications among Hispanic/Latina women