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Research boost targets littlest stroke survivors
$12 million for research to improve treatment of cardiovascular disease and stroke patients
UConn Health Doctor: COVID-19 Directly Targets Cardiovascular System
Research begins to rapidly understand deadly link between Covid-19 and cardiovascular diseases
$3 million for congenital heart disease research
Heart disease & stroke research receives $12.4 million federal funding boost
$29 million to tackle Nation’s biggest killers
App Determines COVID-19 Disease Severity Using Artificial Intelligence, Biomarkers
PFAS exposure may lead to early menopause in women
Bright future ahead for George Institute researchers after latest grants announcement
World-leading researcher in atherosclerosis to join HRI
Hearty success in NSW Medical Research Cardiovascular grants
Positive Health Beliefs May Reduce Blood Pressure Post-Stroke, Especially Among Women
Study to examine how sleep during lockdown affects older people with or without dementia
Aerosol researchers at McKelvey School of Engineering tackle novel coronavirus
Revealed: molecule messing with your gym workout
Keeping a healthy heart during COVID-19
Millions of Americans could lose a parent or grandparent to COVID-19
Air pollution linked to dementia and cardiovascular disease
Best ways to keep it moving at home
Best ways to keep it moving at home
Regular tub bathing linked to lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease
Plant-based relatives of cholesterol could help gene therapy for cystic fibrosis, other diseases
Mind your health
Pregnant women’s heart health needs improvement
Cardiovascular disease risk factor targeted for new treatment
Proclamation on American Heart Month, 2020
High-protein diets boost artery-clogging plaque, mouse study shows
Leading researcher in hypertension and cardiovascular health joins UNSW
Women in STEM: Anna Chaplin
Walking and cycling to work linked with fewer heart attacks
Psychology Researchers Call For Changes to Better Address Racial Health Disparities
Collaboration advancing medical research: Drs Anna Waterhouse and John O’Sullivan
Examining secondhand smoke and cardiovascular risks in children
New research to tackle Australia’s two biggest killers
Planning a trip abroad? Before you pack, check air pollution levels
New model for predicting kidney injury after common heart procedure
People in Counties with Worse Economies Post-Recession Are More Likely to Die from Heart Disease
Early Diagnosis of Pregnancy-Associated Heart Disease Linked to Significantly Better Outcomes
Apple launches three innovative studies today in new Research app
Four UNSW medical researchers win Heart Foundation grants
UCLA Health partners with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on health and wellness
Prestigious grant to improve newborn survival
Heart Foundation announces $14.4 million for research
Researchers join forces to improve cardiovascular health
A father’s diet could affect long-term heart health of his offspring
Study finds WeChat program helps recovery of heart disease patients
Early menopause predictor of heart disease