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More belly weight increases danger of heart disease even if BMI does not indicate obesity
American Heart Association Responds to Minneapolis Murder Trial Verdict
Gender-affirming hormone therapy may increase risk of high blood pressure
Study strengthens links between red meat and heart disease
Policy change is an essential strategy to improving cardiovascular health for all
Update on DARE-19 Phase III trial for Farxiga in COVID-19
COVID-19: Tsunami of chronic health conditions expected, research & health care disrupted
Screen time for older adults: Mobile health tech can support seniors with heart disease
Heart Disease Gaining on Cancer as a Major Cause of Death in Young Women, Say Researchers
Six pregnancy complications are among red flags for heart disease later in life
Recent Awards and Honors
To Keep a Sharp Mind, Start Thinking of Heart Health in Your 20s
A more plant-based diet may improve cardiovascular health
Molecular geneticist recognised in prestigious Australian Academy of Science Awards
Alberta takes lead role in Canada-wide initiative to raise awareness, funds for women’s health research
Abdominal Fat Gain Tied to Heart Disease Risk in Menopause
From locked-in syndrome to rock and roll, and everything in between
Air Filters Can Scrub Out Air Pollutants Near Highways, Reduce Blood Pressure
Avoid ‘Double Jeopardy’ of COVID-19 if You Have a Preexisting Condition Like Heart Disease
Exercise boosts men’s artery health not testosterone
Exercise better than testosterone therapy for men’s arteries
Exercise boosts artery health in middle-aged and older men
Déjà brew? Another shot for lovers of coffee
Safely Striking Out Stroke by Innovatively Unclogging Carotid Arteries
Mother’s heart health in pregnancy impacts child’s heart health in adolescence
Roadmap and Implementation Plan webinars
How to Maintain your Cardiovascular Health to Prevent Both Heart Attack and Stroke
Canadian cardiac researchers warn women about risks of heart attack and stroke
Faculty receive grant for heart health research
Exercise and heart
Heart disease remains leading cause of death worldwide
Diabetes Powerfully Associated with Premature Coronary Heart Disease in Women
Fried food intake linked to heightened serious heart disease and stroke risk
No limit to benefits of exercise in reducing risk of cardiovascular disease
New UBC research partnership connects patients with virtual health communities
Could treatment with a statin preserve brain function after COVID-19 infection?
Consultation on Mission Roadmaps and Implementation Plans
Grant to tackle heart damage caused by COVID-19
UNSW researchers receive more than $17m in NHMRC funding
Healthy lifestyle in middle age linked to reduced dementia risk
$311 million for dementia, cancer and additional medical research
Managing chronic disease in rural and remote communities
A gene mutation that protects against disease
Remotely Delivered Program Improves Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Control in 5,000 Patients
Get fit with HIIT in time for summer
Penn Researchers Present Findings on Cardiac Risks for Cancer Patients
Penn Medicine Researchers Find Link Between Food Insecurity and Cardiovascular Death Risk
Research finds open fires could pose substantial hazard to brain health