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Diet Contributes to Risk of HPV-Related Cancer: LSU Study
Decade of impact on cancer research
Message by Director of Department of Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals at WHO – May 2023
New Equipment Helping Fight Against Cervical Cancer
Abnormal Pap Tests Are Common, So What Do They Mean?
HPV Self-Collection Kits Boost Screening Among Under-Served Women in NC
Under-Screened Women Receive Mailed Kits, Cervical Cancer Screening Doubles
US Clinical Trial Suggests Mailing At-Home HPV Sampling Kits Doubles Cervical Screening Uptake
Uncontrolled Inflammation May Hold Key to Treating Therapy-Resistant Cancers
ACS Report: COVID curbs smoking, alcohol, inactivity, worsens obesity, cancer screening
Global Partners Launch Big Catch-up to Restore Child Immunization Lost During Pandemic
Minister of Health’s Message for National Immunization Awareness Week
Fiji collaborates with IAEA, IARC and WHO to create roadmap for inaugural radiotherapy facility
APEC Tracks Progress on Cervical Cancer Elimination
Oregon State scientists create rapid cervical cancer drug evaluation model
Oregon State Researchers Develop New Model for Rapidly Evaluating Cervical Cancer Drugs
Leading way in care for our firefighters
Research: Covid school closures left adolescents without crucial vaccines
Impact of your fundraising on cervical cancer research
Atezolizumab primes chemoradiation, alters immune system in cervical cancer
Women w/ Mental Illness at Double Risk of Cervical Cancer
Cost-Effective HPV Kits for Home Cervical Cancer Screening
HPV Diagnostics, Vaccines and Preventive Health Strategies
MicroRNA May Help Treat Cervical Cancer Patients
Smoking Cessation Intervention Aids Cervical Cancer Patients
Biden Mourns Passing of Former Congresswoman Schroeder
WHO Director Highlights Benefits of Vaccines, March 2023
Rice labs seek RNA programming for ‘smart’ antibiotics
Insurance and Race Impact Advanced Cervical Cancer Diagnosis
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cancer screening boost
Funds Increase for Research on Fatal Women’s Cancers
Research into Deadly Cancers Affecting Women Gets Funding Boost
We can eliminate cervical cancer
HALP Score: Literature Review on Prognostic Ability in Cancer
Teeth Care May Prevent Chronic Joint Pain
Enhertu Shows Durable Responses in HER2 Tumors
Tech Innovation offers Hope for Head/Neck Cancer Treatment
Potential for New Radiopharmaceutical Cancer Tx Found: Markey Study
New Radiopharmaceutical Could Treat Cancer: Research
Millions Missed Cancer Screening in US During COVID-19 Pandemic
FGFR3-TACC3: 5 Heptads & Disulfide Bonds Needed for Activation, Stability
Australia Invests in Health to Strengthen Asia-Pacific Region
Young people eligible for free catch-up vaccination against HPV
Cancer Patients Lacking Crucial Immune Cells for Immunotherapy
Cancer Patients Unresponsive to Immunotherapy Lack Key Immune Cells
HPV Link to Head, Neck Cancer Confirmed
Why Stem Cell Therapy Might Not Work for Older Patients
Milestone for school HPV vaccination program