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Children who play adventurously have better mental health, research finds
Mental health investment vote winner
Follow-up Study Reinforces Concept of Education as Mental Health Therapy
Calls for resilience training, more extra-curricular activities in schools to help prevent mental health disorders
When Covid disrupts multi-child families, one sibling is affected more
Cruz Leads New Study Showing Promise of Education as Mental Health Therapy
New program to help parents support their child’s mental health
Swinburne Venture Cup: bottomless ideas for better world
Results are in – COVID lockdowns were bad for our mental health
$2.7M grant will help pediatric primary-care providers address youth mental health needs
Research reveals parental stress as contributing factor linking maternal depression to child anxiety and depressive symptoms
Analysis reveals impact of poverty and family adversity on adolescent health
Analysis finds impact of poverty and family adversity on adolescent health
IoPPN researchers receive Association of Child & Adolescent Mental Health Awards
Machine learning reveals brain networks involved in child aggression
Acting early to break cycle of family mental illness
Pandemic impact ‘tip of iceberg’ after years of neglecting child mental health
One in six children has probable mental disorder in 2021 – continuing 2020 peak
Understanding mental health
Prevention and early intervention critical to ending cycle of family mental illness
Association between school closures, child mental health during Covid
Child mental health services lacking in high-income countries
Child mental health crisis ‘magnified’ by COVID, warns UN chief
Australian Mental Health Prize 2021: Chronic underinvestment in child mental health causing decades of harm
Primary school children have long-term mental health benefit from counselling in school
New COVID vaccine among recipients of funding injection
A bigger budget for mental health services won’t necessarily improve Australia’s mental health
A big step forward: Mental Health Victoria welcomes $2.3 billion Federal mental health budget
A $2.3 billion shot of adrenaline for mental health sector
Mental health pilot program expands to more primary schools
Steep rise in depressive symptoms among 7-12 year olds during UK-wide lockdown
$133.5 million for Child, Youth and Perinatal Mental Health
RACGP encourages rural GPs to take up new mental health training to help children after disasters
RACGP encourages GPs to take up new mental health training to help children after disasters
Data shows children anxiety spike in COVID crisis
Pilot grants boost COVID-19 research
Network to provide real-time pediatric psychiatric consultation
Obituary: Barbara Geller, professor emerita of child psychiatry, 81
Ministers told children must be free to play with friends to ease stress of life in lockdown
HEDCO clinic helps parents, families with coronavirus stress
National survey to measure COVID-19 impacts on Australian families
Baylor to support Texas Child Mental Health Care Consortium
Better systems needed to care for kids with mental health problems
Cortisol levels show links between parent and child mental illness
Shellharbour parents invited to build up their child’s resilience and wellbeing
Institutional child sexual abuse trauma remains part of a ‘hidden public health crisis’
Domestic violence puts children at risk