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National Doctors’ Day Honors Physicians Making Difference
Stronger Air Pollution Policies Could Benefit Black, Low-Income Americans Most
NY Gov. Hochul Launches Mental Health Listening Tour at NYSPI
Strengthening trust in machine-learning models
Low-Dose Radiation Linked to Heart Disease, Study Finds
How to Help Kids Become Better Readers
Allergy Season is Here
PPPL to Head Effort to Bring Underserved Communities into Plasma Science & Fusion Energy Field
Columbia Surgeons Perform Rare Pediatric Artificial Heart Surgery
Reduced Risk of Overdose Death with Buprenorphine Post-Overdose
Mining CO2 for Critical Minerals: New Tech Unveiled
Learning to grow machine-learning models
New Insights into Origins of Spinal Muscular Atrophy
IEA Hosts Chile Workshop on Latin America’s Clean Energy Move
Pandemic Financial Stress Hits Kids’ Mental Health Hard
What Happens When Kid Eats Cannabis Edible
Food FARMacia Connects Kids with Healthy Food, Reduces Obesity
Concussions and Impact on Athletes
Children’s pandemic mental health linked to family finances
New study identifies how AI fails to reproduce human vision
Fund Inclusive Feminist Movements to Combat Gender Inequality Pushback
One Nurse’s Turning Grief Into Purpose
COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines Found Protective in Multi-State Study
How to know your colon is healthy
Chemists Uncover New Carbon: Graphullerene, Graphene’s Relative
UC Davis Health announces new chief of transplant surgery
Adolescents Suffer Mental Health, Substance Use Impact of COVID-19
Simulations Pinpoint Universe Structure
Columbia and Wiley Partner to Fill Tech Jobs Gap
Research Uncovers 2002 Antarctic Ice Shelf Collapse Warning Signs
Using geometry to fight fires and cure blood disease
Research: Kids’ Mental Health Tied to Family Finances During Pandemic
What Happens When You Become Afraid of Health Care
Statins May Reduce Heart Disease in People with Sleep Apnea
Hitchhiker Plant Inspires Better Tendon Repair Methods
New “traffic cop” algorithm helps a drone swarm stay on task
It’s weird, weird quantum world
Younger Black patients more affected by pulmonary fibrosis
New Scorecard Tracks Progress in Sexual Health
Columbia Scientists Receive Hirschl Research Awards
Experts Agree: Childcare Boosts Chips & National Security
Rights panel discusses disabled in crises
New Camera Sees Through Atom Disorder at 1 Trillionth of Second
AECOM Welcomes World-First Resilience Strategy for Ningaloo Coast
World first climate resilience strategy for Ningaloo Coast
Improved gas exchange knowledge can enhance climate models
UCLA Engineers Create Solar Roofs for Greenhouses
Naloxone Use Widespread, No Rise in Adolescent Heroin Use