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Home Office allocates £51 million to police forces for increased action on knife crime ahead
New Electronic Tracking System For Waste Sector
Stricter laws to tackle terrorism come into force
Budget a ‘MISSED OPPORTUNITY’ to support aged care nurses and care STAFF
Federal Budget delivers “investment injection” for transport infrastructure
‘Rogue’ private landlords must stop exploiting students
Child Support Debt Dodgers Face Travel Bans
Government pledge to ‘beat cheats’ at university
Conservatives committed to a consistent policy platform: Bernardi
Up to 500 Tasmanian small businesses can expect a knock on door from ATO in March
Police prepared for Moomba Festival
Facial recognition technology to help in fight against prison drug trafficking
Spot-checks on Hertfordshire waste-carriers
Stopping fraud against the NHS: new plans announced: UK
Do Not Call crackdown: Lead My Way pays $285,600
‘Myanmar response to Rohingya crisis could’ve been handled better’
Seoul tasks 8,000 workers with searching for hidden cams in public bathrooms
Progressing the Director Identification Number
Fake Twitter users: Celebrities lose followers amid crackdown
Putin 4.0 to launch amid crackdown on opposition
Bank of England calls for cryptocurrency crackdown
 US plans high-seas crackdown on North  Korea
Germany suspends visas for Cambodian govt members over crackdown
Bitcoin crashes to 6-week low as regulator crackdown escalates
Mayors in 10 US states push back against Trump’s anti-cannabis crackdown
Iran protesters rally again despite warning of crackdown
‘EU crackdown on bitcoin is attempt to protect banks’
China defends crackdown on cryptocurrencies
EU Parliament defends ‘proportionate force’ after brutal Catalan referendum crackdown
After Catalan crackdown, EU will look hypocritical preaching about democracy – Irish MEP
South Korea joins cryptocurrency crackdown
Bitcoin sinking on concerns over Chinese cryptocurrency crackdown
Dating app to return after cheating spouse crackdown
Four charged in Trump crackdown on leaks
Twitter stock tumbles amid crackdown on ‘trolls’, as 2 million users leave
Turkey fires 7000 in dissident crackdown
Schumer calls on FDA to crackdown on “snortable chocolate”
Theresa May to call for crackdown on terrorist funding at G20 meeting
Bangladesh police arrest 27 youths in gay crackdown
US immigrant deportations slow despite Trump crackdown
Turkey suspends 9000 officers in crackdown
NSW police crackdown on crime and anti-social behaviour on trains
Facebook expands roll-out of fact-checker in ‘fake news’ crackdown
Facebook begins ‘fake news’ crackdown with ‘disputed’ story tag roll out