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Researchers hope to improve provision for children with rare diseases
A Kazakh experiment in handwriting
People impacted by dementia demand a commitment to quality dementia care
WHO-backed policy brief calls for action to address ‘long COVID’
“We must move forward, only forward”
CHOP Launches Kabuki Syndrome Clinic
Regular breast checks by trained health workers linked to fewer breast cancer deaths in India
Have your say on cancer research in WA
3 things gay icon Julie McCrossin wants you to know about cancer
ZJU scientists discover new mechanism of HBV-ACLF
Identification of ‘violent’ processes that cause wheezing could lead to better diagnosis and treatment for lung disease
Healthy Habits for Healthy Teeth
Spotlight on rare disease research
Standardizing Reporting for Patients Using Connected Insulin Pens and Continuous Glucose Monitoring
3D biopsies to better understand brain tumors
Dogs with cancer needed for immunotherapy trial
Scientists make 3D heart scan breakthrough for animals and humans
Researchers launch program to diagnose genetic diseases in children
Stents or bypass surgery more effective for stable patients with high-risk cardiac anatomy: study
Maintaining access to innovation through Prostheses List
UniSA researchers targeting a new treatment for pancreatic cancer
WHO announces updates on new molecular assays for diagnosis of tuberculosis and drug resistance
Chris didn’t know her back pain was a subtle sign of ovarian cancer
‘Acceptance is a big thing’: Cheryl’s story of ovarian cancer survival
WHO launches new tools to help countries build effective childhood cancer programmes
Child brain tumours can be classified by advanced imaging and AI
Pricing fairness: tackling big data and COVID-19 insurance discrimination
Yahoo Life: COVID-19 face masks are causing more than maskne – contact dermatitis is on rise
Help for borderline personality disorder
Algorithm that performs as accurately as dermatologists
Self-testing trebles HIV testing rate amongst trans people in randomised trial
Simple urine test can detect womb cancer
Government extends and increases compensation to audiovisual sector for production stoppages caused by COVID-19
NSW latest Covid-19 update as at 10 February
Rat lungworm treatment guidelines updated: University of Hawaiʻi
Public health alert – Melbourne Airport Holiday Inn
Monitoring Body’s Fat Burning by Breath
Immune response to insulin could identify, help treat those at risk for Type 1 Diabetes
Fetal Surgery for Spina Bifida Leads to Better Mobility
Lockdown study finds undiagnosed mental health crisis among new mothers
WHO announces updated critical concentrations for susceptibility testing to rifampicin
New study identifies bird species that could spread ticks and Lyme disease
From dogs sniffing cancer to alternative therapies Cancer Council bust myths
Dual treatments help PTSD and depression
Eating disorders result in significant financial impact on carers
Biologist Dixit awarded $2M to study dynamics of intracellular scaffolds
Working outdoors linked to lower risk of breast cancer among older women
Researchers Demonstrate How Defects in Mitochondria May Lead to Autism Spectrum Disorder