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Challenge to be Beat of Life and Learn CPR for Heart Month in US
U.S. Sanctions 3 Fentanyl Traffickers Over Opioid Crisis
Native American ‘Deaths of Despair’ Ignored in Health Talks
Deaths of Despair’ Narrative Misleading, Study Finds Ignoring Native Data
Education project aims to improve overdose-death reporting
Overdose Deaths Don’t Spike with Prescribing Ease for Buprenorphine
Research Suggests Answer to Opioid Crisis: Inform Docs of Fatal OD’s
USC Study Offers Solution to Opioid Crisis: Informing Doctors of Fatal OD’s
Irish national charged for internally concealing cocaine
Scientists at UMD Create Reversal Compound for Deadly Drugs
WVXU: Research challenges political rhetoric about tie between drugs and immigration
Homelessness linked to higher risk of death from COVID in L.A. County, study shows
Decreasing Opioids Post Knee/Hip Surgery Proves Beneficial
Risk of endocarditis more than 3x higher after Covid infection in patients with cocaine, opioid abuse disorders
Despite soaring overdose rates, Americans face barriers to treatment
Nearly 1,000 overdoses were reversed using naloxone dispensed via vending machine
Record high overdose deaths reported among pregnant and postpartum women
Trends in overdose mortality among pregnant persons after delivery
Forbes: More immigrants, fewer drug-related deaths
Young people make up larger proportion of Covid deaths in 2021 compared to 2020
KIPRC receives $2.2 million to evaluate Kentucky substance use disorder recovery program
Drug Used for Sleep Disorders Is Linked to Higher Risk of Overdose in Teens, Young Adults
Association for benzodiazepine treatment for sleep disorders With drug overdose risk among young people
Proclamation on National Rural Health Day, 2022
Doctors oppose proposed paracetamol restrictions
At overdose events, arrests by police and combative behavior are rare, study finds
Covid is still ‘dangerous global health threat.’ new international study spells out how we can end it
Fentanyl and Counterfeit Prescription Drugs: Facts and Myths
Opioid abuse decreases during pandemic, yet higher rates persist for sexual minorities
Researcher creates virtual reality experiences to aid substance use disorder recovery
UK policing: psychological damage among officers heightened by bad working conditions
Psychological damage among officers heightened by bad working conditions – study
Survey reveals majority of physicians favor allowing telehealth to treat opioid-use disorder
UConn Releases Annual Safety Reports 30 September
Could greater prescription of medical cannabis be solution to opioid crisis?
From 2019 to 2021, proportion of patients with opioid and opioid-like drug overdoses increased in 42 states
Could monoclonal antibodies replace opioids for chronic pain?
Drug testing programs reduce overdose deaths, says expert
NZ police issue warning to community after serious incidents related to MDMA
Covid: U.S. life expectancy continued to decrease in 2021, study finds
U.S. life expectancy continued to decrease in 2021
Proclamation on National Recovery Month, 2022
Greens urge Government to adopt overdose prevention trial
Older Homeless People Are At Great Risk of Dying
Proclamation on Overdose Awareness Week, 2022
Georgians in 71 counties lack methadone clinic access within 15-minute drive
Life expectancy drops for Native Americans due to Covid
Canada announces nearly $40 million to support people who use substances across Canada