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WHO Marks 20th Anniversary of Dr. Carlo Urbani’s Death
Quality of most dementia apps is insufficient
CBA, Telstra team up to safeguard customers from phone scams
Fight Fish for Prostate Cancer Research
Thermal Imaging to Cut Diabetic Amputations
Chief Health Officer Update 24 March
Berton Family 4×4 Fundraiser honours local legend
Molecule for Burning Fat May Treat Most Common Brain Cancer in Kids
Molecule Linked to Childhood Brain Cancer May Aid Fat Burning
New in-home AI tool monitors health of elderly residents
100 days until Heart Health Checks gone for good
AI Tool Monitors Health of Elderly at Home
Non-native plants climbing Australian Alps
OncoK9 Performance Matches Clinical Study in Vet Practices
HPV Diagnostics, Vaccines and Preventive Health Strategies
Autism Linked to Low Rates of Vision Screening, Risk of Eye Disorders High
Revheads without hats
Chief Health Officer Update 17 March
UKHSA: Get Tested if New/Multiple Sexual Partners After Rise in Gonorrhoea Cases
UNICEF: 12 Yrs Conflict + Quake Cause Syria Child Nutrition Crisis
Zimbabwe Adopts IMF’s Enhanced Data System
Minister Launches Cancer Breath Test Study at Imperial
Tomo X-Ray Beats Mammogram for Detecting Breast Cancer
Organic LEDs Efficiency Boosted by New Observations
Bacteria’s Secret Weapons Pose Perils
Chief Health Officer Update 10 March
Female Athletes’ Eating & Menstrual Issues Linked to Injuries & Career End
Cumberland Council Prioritizes Youth Mental Health at Summit
Digital Rectal Exam Ineffective for Early Prostate Cancer Detection
Research Reveals Clues to Detecting and Preventing Alzheimer’s
New Zealand should brace for spillover infections from animals after floods
Cancer Survivors Need More Support Post-Treatment
We can eliminate cervical cancer
New dentist and GP head and neck cancer education module
Odour detector dog helps snuff out browsing ants
AI Research Network Contracts Signed by Defence
£2.6m Grant to Speed Up Colon Cancer Diagnoses at Warwick University
Gene Testing Limited to Predict Disease: UCL Study
Living with Dementia & Hearing Loss? Shape Future Research at Nottingham Uni
Researchers find HERC1 protein deficiency to cause osteopenia
Chief Health Officer Update 3 March
Active Surveillance for Low-Risk Prostate Cancer: Examining Use Trends
ML IDs Cancer Mutations for New Drug Targets, Treatment Strategies
Medsafe encouraging reporting related to mpox vaccine
Research Finds Ability to Predict Seizures in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, 30+ Mins Ahead
Newborn Genomic Screening May Help Kids with Rare Diseases
Early Detection of Lung, Ear and Sinus Infections in Kids
Chief Health Officer Update 24 February