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Anthropogenic climate change already affects production of marine plankton populations
£100,000 funding to launch Health and Wellbeing Innovation Network to cultivate next healthcare innovators
Fish heart mangroves, mangroves heart fish
Impact of climate change on Kenya’s Tana river basin
Restoring dryland areas vital for 2bn people
Native wildlife successfully reclaims territory from introduced rodents in Sydney
Insight – Navigating Halal market in Malaysia
Doctoral student is awarded prominent HHMI fellowship
Researchers launch annual survey to monitor health of Sussex seabed following trawler ban
Hat Head Dune Care benefits from 2020-21 Community Grant
UK ‘meat tax’ would cost economy almost £250 million year
Fish returned to Komi River after oil was cleaned
Committee to examine mobile payment and digital wallet financial services and supply chain financing
Browning leaves on Oak Ridge Reservation harbinger of next cicada generation
REPI Challenge yields more than $24M for AF installations
FAU team discovers microplastics in Arctic ecosystem
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is Recognized as One of 50 Most Community-minded Employers
ANZ separates ventures unit to accelerate growth and digital solutions
Millions of dollars saved when scheduled travel providers adapt to on-demand scheduling
No IgA leads to intestinal inflammation
Role of Amazon as carbon sink declines: Nature study
G20 on Environment, Climate and Energy to be held in Naples
Removal of barred owls slows decline of iconic spotted owls in Pacific Northwest, study finds
Long-Term Monitoring Program Annual Summary Report
Responding to PRC’s Destabilizing and Irresponsible Behavior in Cyberspace
Unsustainable Arctic shipping risks accelerating damage to Arctic environment
Three key habitat-building corals face worrying future due to climate crisis
AFRL invites new science, technology ideas through Air Force, Space Force Tech Connect
New initiative to help people with high cholesterol and associated cardiovascular disease
Role of deep-sea microbial predators at hydrothermal vents examined
Research examines role of deep-sea microbial predators at hydrothermal vents
Readout of First Meeting of White House Community Violence Intervention Collaborative
Coastal ecosystems being ‘burned’ by double whammy of rising temperatures and ocean acidification
Planet Innovation opens new ‘cleanroom’ in Melbourne
Moree landholder’s property revegetation up for Bob Hawke Landcare gong
National survey IDs gaps and opportunities for regenerative medicine workforce
UNE research associate recognized with CERF Scientific Award
San Antonio Innovation Summit open for registration
Four Specialists Join New York Sea Grant
Feeding fish and pond yields more protein with lower quality feed
Quantum.Amsterdam and Quantum Delta NL celebrate their close collaboration
New report calls for coordinated action to address systemic financial inequality across Australia
Seven Degrees from One Trillion Species of Microbes
FCAC releases Make Change that Counts: National Financial Literacy Strategy
Eurosystem launches digital euro project
Acceleration of Sovereign Guided Weapons and Explosive Ordnance Enterprise
Planting oats to study effects of air pollution
Baylor study evaluates biodiversity impacts of alternative energy strategies