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Completion of OZ Minerals acquisition
Plans for new aquatic and leisure centre streaking ahead
Clean Car Discount to Drive Down Emissions
2D Superconductor’s Property Unlocked via Magnetic Imaging
Researchers Establish First Physics Lab Benchmark for Interdependent Networks Theory
Mathematical Model Sheds Light on Lightning X-Rays
Mornington Peninsula goes electric
Small Businesses to Receive Cheap, Stable Power from Electrification
Metal trees in battery
Free workshops help residents to flip switch to electric
Mushrooms and their Post-rain, Electrical Conversations
Progress to make Mildura one of most EV-friendly cities
Police arrest teen after Brighton assault
Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital to Expand Campus
Innovative Strategy for Efficient Wastewater Treatment: Cross-Stacked Super-Aligned Carbon Nanotube Membrane
World’s First Wood Transistor Developed
Queensland Battery Industry Strategy receives EVC submission
EVC Submits to 2023-2030 Aus Cyber Security Strategy Discussion Paper
US VP Releases Statement on Bosch Semiconductors Declaration
Physicists Measure and Control Electron Release in Attosecond Range
Tunneling electrons
Govt Welcomes Climate Change Commission Advice
Robot Fish Makes Splash with Motion Breakthrough
Australia to Connect EV Charging Network Nationwide
President Biden Addresses NABTU Legislative Conference
Police investigate assault in Brighton
Sydenham armed robbery: Police seek info
Quebec Gov Grants Over $730K to Jardins André Carbonneau for Ag Project
Cities Use Cool Transportation Hacks to Fight Climate Change
Automated Convoy Driving Boosts Bus Transport Flexibility
High-voltage guide to empower facility owners
Majority Support Household Electrification as Economic, Climate Costs Rise
Researchers Develop Microfluidic Circuits for Direct Blood Filtration
Canada, BC Hydro Invest in Decarbonization Projects in BC
Scientists Create Microfluidic Circuits for Pulsatile Filtration of Extracellular Vesicles from Blood
National Electric Vehicle Strategy Welcomed by Capital City Lord Mayors
Westpac to Offer Green Home Loans, Backs New Energy Standards
University debuts electric shuttles
Boat noise missing from whale-watching guidelines
Fat quantum cats
Thinnest Ferroelectric Film Ever Created for Smaller Devices
Gov’t Aids More Aussies to Purchase Clean, Inexpensive EVs
CBA broadens green financing for energy efficiency and sustainability
Hydrogen substitution enhances efficiency of thermoelectric oxides
Powerline Tree Trimming 19 April
Greens urge strong fuel standards and EV targets
Fuel Efficiency Standards to Help Regional Australians Save Money
Bold Fuel Standards Needed Alongside EV Strategy