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AI May Help Predict Cardiac Problems in Critically Ill Children: Study
Research Reveals Causes of COVID-19 Fatigue
New E-Tattoo Shows Significant Advancements in Heart Monitoring
Research Analyzes Shyness in Children
Super-charged textile sets trends
Now you can be comfortable in your e-skin
New Ablation Strategy Enhances Arrhythmia-Free Outcome in Atrial Fibrillation Patients
Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: Extended Monitoring Detects More Arrhythmias
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Smart watches could predict future heart problems
Shining light into ”black box” of AI
Five ways AI promises to transform organ transplants
Machine Learning Predicts Risk of Death from Hospital Tests
EHRA 2023: hottest science in heart rhythm disorders
Tool for Preterm Babies Monitors Life-Impacting Health Data
Great Dane Puppy’s Heart Saved by Advanced Tech
Great Dane Puppy’s Heart Cured with Tech
Improve Cardiac Emergencies Survival: ESC 2023 Plan
Researchers Probe Heart Attack Treatments in Pre-Clinical Model
Psychological Stress Negates Olympic Performance
Quieter or Louder Office Space May Benefit Employee Health
Star Constellations: Health, Space Benefit from Mutual Innovation
Stroke Symptoms: Seek Medical Help Even If They Disappear
Stroke Symptoms Need Emergency Assessment, Even if Brief
Screen-printing method can make wearable electronics less expensive
Screen-Printing Method Cuts Costs of Wearable Electronics
Realtime Wearable Monitors IBS Symptoms
Rutgers Seeks Participants to Research Long COVID in Children and Young Adults
Wearable Belt Sensors Monitor Heart Failure Around Clock
OHSU partners with semiconductor company to develop smartwatch that detects suicidality in teens
Researchers design new heart health wearable
Heart rhythm clues in regular pulse check could stop stroke
Skin-like electronics could monitor your health continuously
Unexpected electrical changes seen in first successful transplant of genetically-modified pig heart
Unexpected electrical changes seen in first successful transplant of genetically-modified pig heart
Personalized evaluation for chest pain effective, may eliminate unnecessary testing
High adopters of AI-enabled screening tool are more likely to diagnose left ventricular dysfunction than low adopters
Modified pig-to-human heart transplant had unexpected changes in heart’s conduction system
Are smartwatch health apps to detect atrial fibrillation smart enough?
Accurate assessment of heart rhythm can optimize chemotherapy use
Scientists find cold spells in tropics increase heart attack risk
Spongy electrodes designed for better births
Johns Hopkins Researchers Find Link Between Dementia and Atrial Cardiopathy
Wrist-worn devices are shown by mass general researchers to be cost-effective for screening of atrial fibrillation
Air pollution, including during wildfires, reveals ill effects in kids
Patient deterioration predictor could surpass limits of traditional vital signs
Final report of ECG Review Committee and Government response
Using AI in Electrocardiogram Analysis Can Improve Diagnosis and Treatment of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy