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Prime Minister’s article in Telegraph 15 June 2020
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Religious Discrimination Second Exposure Draft
Police lay charges after intentional motor vehicle collision at Campbelltown
Police appeal for witnesses after single-vehicle crash at Campbelltown
Social responsibility at University
Latest research into extreme-right terrorism showcased in special edition of journal
NTEU calls on UQ Senate to reject Ramsay Centre
£770,000 awarded through Building a Stronger Britain Together
Victorian Liberals Must Explain Extremist Links
Bernardi says far-right ‘revolutionaries of our time’
Greens focus on young people for climate change election
Would-be Hitler assassin inspiring evangelical Trumpists: Deakin research
Strong Greens result in NSW shows importance of bold progressive agenda
Far-right Hofer warns Austria could follow in British footsteps
Far-right, Euroskeptic candidate predicted to lead final round of Austria’s presidential election
German police pepper-spray parliament VP, while protecting far-right rally from leftist activists