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Research shows need to address root cause of far-right extremism
Police raid Neo-Nazis, find bomb
Hate speech and violence still rising against Roma despite recognition gains, says rights expert
A time to celebrate, but scourge of hate speech rising: International Roma Day 8 April 2021 50 years on
Far-right investigations must spur action on fascist terror
ASIO Must Name Far-Right
Agencies confirm growing far-right threat
Far-right Hate Attack Shows Extremists Emboldened
Far-right political parties are ambivalent rather than sceptical about Europe, analysis shows
Special issue on Gender and Far right
Understanding interrelationships correctly
2021 far right storming of United States Capitol
Explained: Political Polarization
Statement On NZ Royal Commission
Green Party respond to Royal Commission report into March 15 terror attack
UNESCO sets agenda at General Conference of European Coalition of Cities against Racism
Local govt workers’ union supports repeal of racist Māori ward legislation
Lord Walney announced as independent adviser on political violence and disruption
Rethink needed to stop spread of hateful material online
Our dreams of a perfect countryside blind us to rural reality
Comparing language of populist leaders with their mainstream opponents
Golden Dawn verdict and inescapable element of language
Far-right groups expect to disrupt upcoming elections
Religious right forgives Trump his sins
Rise of online right-wing extremism mapped in landmark NSW study
Call for Book proposals – Routledge Studies in Fascism and Far Right
Australian Greens build anti-racism strategy to combat rising alt-right hate
JPL needs to go: Minister
Rise of religion and party politics: towards a new cleavage?
Briefing With Special Envoy Lea Gabrielle On GEC Special Report
State of art computational analysis used to track online extremist far-right European groups
Far-right terror group proscribed
Priti Patel proscribes right-wing terrorist group
New report aims to help prevent incels from turning to violence
Germany: European Hotspot of Far Right Violence
Polish Presidential Election 2020: which role does far-right politics play?
Race, Far-Right Politics Had Large Role in Shaping U.S. Cold War Policies
Prime Minister’s article in Telegraph 15 June 2020
Speeding motorcylist evades police in Mulgrave
How Right-Wing Violence in Western Europe Changed in 2019
Bringing ancient Sparta back to life during lockdown
CasaPound Italia: Contemporary Extreme Right Politics
Experts to develop new ways of monitoring and tackling extreme right-wing online forums
Why is a 16-year-old book on slavery so popular now?
Where hope resides: One year on from Christchurch massacre
Tracking rise of Euroscepticism and support for far-right
Religious discourses in Europe: how different is Far-Right?
Order to proscribe far-right terrorist group comes into force