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Hard-Right Social Media Linked to Civil Unrest: Study
Victorian Greens condemn Anti-Trans and Nazi rally
Greens MP: Govt Must Act Now to Protect Trans People
Voting for Provincial Councils, Water Authorities Urged
Digital Cosmopolitanism Thrives on Social Media
Far-right Exploiting Love for Political Gain
Greens achieve historic state election result, with doubled party room
White Americans who believe that white people are poor are more likely to support welfare policies
What is behind uptick in antisemitic hate speech?
Greens call on Labor to preference Greens and progressive independents above Liberals
Facing down racism is essential
Majority of posts on extremist online forums made by “hyper” poster cliques, study shows
Governments must act to curb growing threat of far-right extremism
Hate sites using wider abortion argument to spread racism and extremism
Far-right parties find favor where immigrants, citizens vie for same public housing in Europe
How debt crisis of 2008-09 fueled populist politics
Research Assistant for SODIS project
Fairy Tale Gone Wrong: Politicisation of Drag Queen Storytime
Greens announce plan to build an anti-racist Australia
Islamophobia report reveals horrific extent of anti-Muslim racism
Study: Pro-worker ideas in political platforms resonate with voters
More Than 60,000 Digitized Items From LGBTQ Pioneers Launch Online
Halt all retaliation attacks against Indian journalist Rana Ayyub – UN experts
Attacks against woman journalist Rana Ayyub must stop – UN experts: India
Radical right groups are endorsing liberal values in attempt to attract young LGB people to political extremism, research finds
Ben John’s sentence increased following personal intervention by Solicitor General
Pro-worker ideas in political manifestos linked to more votes
How populists’ election results lead to far-right demonstrations
Moral echo chambers on social media could boost radicalization
Massive rise in racism concerns must impel action
Attorney General visits Community Security Trust’s HQ
Holocaust Exhibition and Learning Centre tackles hate crime
Greens to move for inquiry into rise of far-right in Victoria
UFU condemns far-right, anti-vax protesters
Extreme views are widespread in classrooms in England
Far-right military infiltration shocking but not surprising
Neo-Nazi revelations more evidence of far-right organising
Question: ‘Fortress Australia’ has again tightened borders
Why political parties go to extremes
Anti-Muslim racism revealed in AHRC report
Gov backs One Nation’s far-right hate – again
Morrison Government inches closer to yet another ideological attack on super
From sensation to a sense of purpose: draw of far right
Research shows need to address root cause of far-right extremism
Police raid Neo-Nazis, find bomb
Hate speech and violence still rising against Roma despite recognition gains, says rights expert
A time to celebrate, but scourge of hate speech rising: International Roma Day 8 April 2021 50 years on
Far-right investigations must spur action on fascist terror