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Staring into space: Physicists predict neutron stars may be bigger than previously imagined
Johns Hopkins Medicine Puts Fat to Good Use as Stem Cell Source for Spinal Fusion Surgery
FSU MANCC receives renewed funding from Sustainable Arts Foundation to support working parent artists
Opening Nights to pre-sell VIP tickets for ‘Disney Princess – Concert’
FSU researchers develop tool to track marine litter polluting ocean
$1.4M NIH grant helps FSU researchers clean carcinogens from groundwater
Documentary highlights FSU center’s work to improve state child-welfare system
Fight or flight response may hinge on protein in skeletal muscular system
FSU School of Teacher Education announces new director
FSU researcher awarded $2.2M NIH grant to study impact of Alzheimer’s disease on sleep-related brain function
New pulsed magnet reveals a new state of matter in Kondo insulator
Snake venom evolved to target just right prey
Microplastics and human health: FSU researchers find exposure to microplastics may alter cellular function
FSU engineers improve performance of high-temperature superconductor wires
Researchers denounce revived theory of Caribbean cannibalism
Opening Nights presents nationally acclaimed muralist Michael Rosato
USF leads first research cruise to study Piney Point’s environmental impact
FSU engineering researchers visualize motion of vortices in superfluid turbulence
FSU’s virtual ‘Art in STEM’ exhibition brings beauty of science to a worldwide audience
Researchers discover that ‘cryptic species’ respond differently to coral bleaching
FSU’s scholar’s photography exhibition documents previously unseen threat along Amazon
International study discovers ancient meteoritic impact over Antarctica 430,000 years ago
Roach-like bug lights way to understanding how muscles work
Florida Center for Reading Research forms partnership to establish National Center for Reading in India
Key research advance could spawn new treatments for heart diseases
New antibiotic clears multi-drug resistant gonorrhea in mice in single dose
Research finds surprising electron interaction in ‘magic-angle’ graphene
FSU researchers discover how ‘cryptic species’ respond differently to coral bleaching
FSU researchers enhance quantum machine learning algorithms
Social Work researcher advances literature on pediatric quality of life in organ transplant patients
A year of COVID-19: Researchers pivot to answer questions raised by pandemic
FSU performing arts programs persevere through COVID-19 to train next generation of performers
FSU researchers collaborate on NSF-funded science education project
FSU researchers use pressure-sensitive molecular materials to harness cooling technology
FSU Office of Research Development to fund research of microaggressions and bystander intervention
Deep dive into bioarchaeological data reveals Mediterranean migration trends over 8,000 years
Challenger Learning Center of Tallahassee offers remote space mission simulator
FSU researchers develop battery component that uses compound from plants
FSU researcher investigates whether city investments in green space help human health
FSU Middle East Center presents 12th annual film festival
FSU anthropologist to investigate possible site of Apalachee revolt
MagLab Open House 2021 moves online
FSU’s Winthrop-King Institute hosts symposium to explore connections between cognitive science and transcultural literature
FSU research study addresses effects of client violence on child protection workers
International study shows asteroids as past, possible future water source
Strategic position: How molecules sit on surfaces drives energy and electron transfer
FSU’s Museum of Fine Arts announces guest lecture series
New FSU master’s program to focus on sustainability