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Russian Social Media Users’ Wellbeing & Holiday Popularity Ranked
Well-being & Competence Linked at School
Women’s clogged leg arteries often untreated, underdiagnosed
Greater gender equality helps both women and men live longer
Gender Equality Boosts Longevity for Both Genders
People Use Emojis to Mask, Not Just Express, Feelings: Study
Fewer Female Scientists Moving Internationally for Recognition
Chinese Academy of Sciences: Preschool Kids’ Storytelling Pauses Investigated
Gender Bias in Global Scholar Migration: Report
Research Reveals Factors Linked to Higher Suicide Rates in Americas
Sweden: 15 Years of Employee Work Schedules Revealed
COVID-19 Hospitalizations Linked to Heart Complications in Men
Gender Pay Gap Linked to Performance-Related Pay: Analysis
Disability Rates Among Elders Plunge Since 2008
Better Afternoon Chemo for Female Lymphoma Patients
Gender Gap in Tomato Pest Control Seen in Pakistan Study
Chemo Afternoon Boosts Outcomes for Female Lymphoma Patients
Gender Differences in Parent-Child Time After Separation: Temporary
Tracking pulse of nation during pandemic
Women at Higher Risk of Venous Thromboembolism than Men with Diabetes
Rethinking sex in neuroscience of mental health
Movie Scripts Show Gender Stereotypes
Economic behaviour not influenced by gender or biological sex, study finds
Climate change belief not split along political divide
More Australians use apps for calling while overall use of digital platforms has plateaued
Vaccine skepticism predicts future Covid vaccine side effects
Fear of professional backlash can prevent women from speaking at academic conferences
Online gaming boosts career prospects and develops soft skills
Covid Elevated Poverty in Gambia
Hormone therapy could lower risk of immunotherapy-associated myocarditis in women
Same-Sex Married Couples Handle Stress Better Than Different-Sex Couples
Good sleep can increase women’s work ambitions
Gender equity in academic rheumatology
Gender-related differences in coding contribute to lower incomes for women plastic surgeons
Does bias exist in online learning?
BIRCWH grant renewal will continue mentorship for women’s health scholars
Breaking glass ceiling in science by looking at citations
Gender norms challenge for green transition
WCCE 2022 Conference in Bali Discusses Four Major Issues in Creative Economy Sector
Why Do Some Kids Take Bigger Risks than Others?
Call to better support unpaid carers this International Day of Older Persons
Woman’s responsibility for her children’s formation helped get her into reading room
Who flirts to get ahead at work? Study reveals it’s most often subordinate men
BIRCWH program accepting applications for women’s health research
Scientists find cold spells in tropics increase heart attack risk
Double burden of paid and unpaid labor leading to poorer mental health in women
Women are doing too much and it’s hurting their mental health