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Successful women make best advocates to help other women rise up in ranks
Eight individuals lauded for exemplary contributions to education, research and service at NUS University Awards
Exposure to urban greenness has unequal effects on men’s and women’s mental health
Life satisfaction plummets among young Aussies during COVID
Gender differences in behaviours linked to faster cognitive decline revealed in research
Scientists discover solutions to gender bias in autism diagnoses
Researchers discover solutions to gender bias in autism diagnoses
Gender gap in leadership aspirations changed little in sixty years
Men’s Health, Our Way – Let’s Own It
Keeping faith – or your willingness to push yourself – as you grow older
When politics is local in Middle East
Research does not support adage “Boys will be boys”
Desire for son in Nepal may impact on girls’ health and wellbeing – new study
Single sex v co-ed: which is better for kids’ education?
AI predicts infant age, gender based on temperament
Heart Failure 2022: improving outcomes for all patients with heart failure
New study outlines importance of gender for children caught up in conflict
Pushing boundaries of cardiovascular science: get ready for FCVB 2022
Men’s greater reluctance to seek mental healthcare
UN Commission on Status of Women reaffirms women’s and girls’ leadership as key to address climate change
Hookup may not make you feel better
Stress reduction may play role in atrial fibrillation management
Research reveals differences between brains of girls, boys with autism
Sport during school linked to academic performance
Study: Don’t take your cohabitating partner for granted
3 Questions: Khueli Dutt reflects on diversity in science
Research reveals men and women have different strengths
ACS announces Dr. Bonnie Simpson Mason as its first Medical Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Gender disparities may be widening for physicians due to Covid
Scientists led by UCLA Health call for more work to address overlooked issues affecting women with Parkinson’s Disease
Pandemic family stress leads to sleep problems for boys
Men are more likely to respond negatively to gender threats in workplace than women, research finds
Intelligent industry and narrowing gender gap
Lessons from Great Resignation in how to find meaning at work
Children’s books still show bias toward male protagonists, analysis finds
Facts and Figures
Study shows smiling makes you look older, unless you’re old already
Smiling makes you look older, unless you’re already old
Less healthy foods and drinks also damage climate
Can we perceive gender from children’s voices?
EuroEcho 2021: State-of-the-art in cardiac imaging for patient care
Research casts doubt on theory that women aren’t as competitive as men
Men experience more emotional pain during breakups
Covid pandemic has reshaped health and medicine in ways both dramatic and subtle
Researchers develop novel, local treatment for chronic pain
First corona lockdown was ‘live experiment,’ revealing big behavioral gender differences
Two sides of same coin, says CSU social psychologist
Locking out unvaccinated – is there support for vaccine passports?