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DNA Double-Helix Unzipped, Unlocking Physics Secrets
Genes Linked to 3 Rare Diseases Discovered
U of M Students Sequence Genome of New Soybean Pest
Melbourne’s West Opens Largest Southern Hemisphere Lab
Biotechnologist, Social Scientist Honoured in WA Women’s Hall of Fame
Open data for biodiversity: EMBL-EBI 2022 round-up
Genome Study Targets Rare Immune Disorders in Children
Got splitting headache? it could be all in your genes
Signaling proteins shown to play key role in TB biology
Search for Alien Life on Mars Begins with Rovers
Research Shows Whole Genome Sequencing Offers Unprecedented Look at Hodgkin Lymphoma Genetics
NIH software assembles complete genome sequences on-demand
Software from NIH Assembles Complete Genomes On-Demand
Virus Kills ‘Superbug’ Bacteria, Discovered in New Study
Genetic Variation Between People Unexpectedly High in T-Cell Receptors
Major Study: Unexpected Variation in T-Cell Receptor Genes Among People
COVID-19 Fuels Rise in Youth Suicide Rates, esp. Subgroups
NIH scientists develop mouse model to study mpox virulence
Minister Visits Brunei, Thailand on Trade, Security, Science
Research finds association of genetic disease and infant mortality higher than previously recognized: 41% of infant deaths linked to genetic diseases
Researchers Unlock 95.6% of Tobacco Plant Genome
Model Organisms’ Evol. Potentially Too Advanced?
Boost NHS Access to Innovative Tech: New Strategy Unveiled
Genomics Uncovers Clues in Seattle Shigella Outbreak (2017-2022)
Discovery Explains Inborn Immunodeficiency, 42 chars
UK and Thailand Partner in Genomic Fight Against Health Threats
New technologies reveal cross-cutting breakdowns in Alzheimer’s disease
Researchers Convert Ocean Plastic into Drug Ingredients with Fungi
New Legionella Species Identified: L. bononiensis
Omicron subvariant XBB.1.5 detected in New Zealand
Genes Linked to Hepatocellular Carcinoma Treatment & Prevention
‘Genetic Disorders Traced to Genomic Variants with New Method’
Breakthroughs in Alzheimer’s Research Through Tech Advances
Genome sequencing reveals underdiagnosed cause of long-term lung condition
AI Automates Identification, Sorting of Single Bacterial Cells
Vaccines’ real-world effectiveness studied with $12.5M grant from CDC
Emerging technologies overshadowed in Senate biosecurity report
Bacterium on International Space Station developing drug resistance
Research: Microbiota Transfer Therapy Improves Gut Health in Autistic Children
UK Government launches Newborn Genomes Programme
£175m for Genomics Research to Push Boundaries
Genetic barriers, warming ocean and uncertain future of important forage fish
Atopic dermatitis in dogs linked to certain parts of genome
Whole-genome sequencing helps BGI Genomics-led team release first Chinese population blood atlas
Feline genetics help pinpoint first-ever domestication of cats, University of Missouri study finds
“Harmless” Listeria species developing pathogenic resistance
Researchers Identify Potential Genetic Variants Linked to Increased Cancer Risk in Children with Birth Defects
Researchers identify potential genetic variants linked to increased cancer risk in kids with birth defects