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Nominations Sent to Senate 26 May
U.S. President Biden Announces Third Round of U.S. Marshal Nominees
General Officer Announcements 26 May
Johns Hopkins Medicine Researchers Link Sugar-Studded Protein to Alzheimer’s Disease
Reskilling Revolution: Leaders Preparing 1 Billion People for Tomorrow’s Economy
Training enhances oversight of international chemical trade
Research on tidal flats is ‘wake up call’ for US coastal communities
Contemporary and ancient art exhibit enlivens Ithaca mall
NATO Secretary-General Tells World Leaders ‘Freedom Must Come Before Trade’
Scavengers, such as raccoons, can be picky eaters
Remarks by President Biden and Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan in Joint Press Conference
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks on Hyundai’s Investments in Savannah, Georgia
U.S.-Georgia Bilateral Defense Consultations
Statement from President Biden on Record-Low State Unemployment Rates
Ukraine statement on Ukraine’s application against Russia before International Court of Justice
Statement on Ukraine’s application against Russia at International Court of Justice
Australia’s cities policies are seriously inadequate for tackling climate crisis
Lanning, Perry and Sutherland to take on Commonwealth Games
New $52 million antiviral drug discovery center established by researchers
ICAO Secretary General rallies European and North Atlantic States on innovation and resilience ahead of 41st ICAO Assembly
NIH announces antiviral drug development awards
UNECE and UNCTAD join forces in enhancing private sector’s role in advancing trade facilitation
Nominations and Withdrawals Sent to Senate 18 May
Long-Term Study of Pregnant Women Finds Increasing Chemical Exposure
How social media posts could affect credit scores
UK Research Team Uniquely Poised to Reach Black American Communities, Reduce Health Disparities
UK Research Team Uniquely Poised to Reach Black American Communities, Amplify Health Disparities
Shaping future of light through reconfigurable metasurfaces
CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing approach can alter social behavior of animals
Counselor Chollet’s Travel to Moldova, Georgia, and United Kingdom
Smart pacifier developed to monitor infant health in hospital
U.S. President Biden Announces Key Nominees 14 May
Novel biomaterial prevents rejection of transplants for type 1 diabetes
Modifying body’s immune system to help treat Type 1 diabetes
Modifying body’s immune system treat Type 1 diabetes
Biomaterial improves islet transplants for treatment of type 1 diabetes
Advancing gender equality and fighting stereotypes
Rugby World Cup coming to Australia in 2027 and 2029
Emory-led collaborative puts COVID tests to test
Georgia Tech researchers develop wireless implantable vascular monitoring system
Nurse is not afraid of challenge
New algorithm dramatically increases speed of identifying two cancer drugs that work synergistically
CommBank ParaMatildas kick off World Cup with an emphatic first-ever win
Farm fun popular with pupils
Press Gaggle by Principal Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre En Route Kankakee, Il
Increases in gender equality in education linked to declines in female incarceration rates
Climate scientist Kim Cobb to lead Institute at Brown for Environment and Society
Private Sector Steps Up on Cancer Moonshot Call to Action on Cancer Screening