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Scientists Discover New Mechanism of Liver Gluconeogenesis via PHD3 Hydroxylation of CRTC2
New Player Unveiled for Lipid Oxidation
Self-Driven Disposable Sensor Measures Blood Glucose at Home
Plants Utilize Sugar to Create Roots
Cellular Respiration Targeted as Glioblastoma Therapy
Physics of Gummy Candy Unveiled
MyFitnessPal, Google Health integrate for CGM
Doing well without respiration
Flexible Sweat Sensor Based on Photonic Cellulose Nanocrystal Developed
New Technique Allows In-vivo Analysis of Protein Complexes
Oyster Stress Ends with UniSC Research: Human Hospitals Next?
IPK Researchers: HvSWEET11b Key to Barley Grain Development
DARP grant funding
Chinese Scientists Find Role of Brain Acid in Antidepressants
Crystalline SRM for Analysis of Glucose in Clinical Samples
Cells avoid multitasking
Human body proven to predict mealtimes
Shining light on enzyme reveals its role in metabolism
Purple Veggies Combat Diabetes: Study Finds
Photo-Assisted Carbohydrates Decomposed to Hydrogen: New Strategy
55KRC: Does sugar feed cancer?
Vitamin D May Reduce Diabetes Risk for 10+ Million Adults
Self-Stigma Linked to Poor Blood Sugar Control in Type 1 Diabetes
Sunlight Used to Create Biodegradable Plastic via Artificial Photosynthesis
Sirtuin 7 Protein Reduces Heat Production in Brown Fat
Research Examines Impact of Low Choline on Health
Six minutes of intense exercise boosts key brain protein
UAVs Deliver First Aid Drugs to Emergency Patients Quickly
School Intervention Reduces Metabolic Risk in High-Risk Youth
Role of Gut Bacteria in Diabetes Examined
Macrophage PPARγ Acetylation Inhibits Fat Tissue Performance
Scientists Uncover Hexokinase 2’s Role in Microglial Activity
Tiny patch would give diabetics painless glucose monitoring
Rulebreakers Even Among Bad Guys: Researchers Unravel Population of ‘Cheating’ Cells in Cancers
Scientists decipher transport dynamics of porous media
Wonderful rainbow-colored, stretchy film for distinguishing sugars
Novel Mix-charged Nanofiltration Membrane Developed for Wastewater Treatment
New mixture-charged nanofiltration membrane developed for wastewater treatment
Further education regarding use of CGM and insurance coverage are necessary for increased use of continuous glucose measurement
Researchers discover root exudates have surprising and counterintuitive effect on soil carbon storage
Government supporting Australians living with type 1 diabetes
New insights into mechanisms causing diabetes
Synthetic Energy Metabolism Enables Twin Engine for Cell
UEXPLORER PET-CT generates detailed glucose uptake profiles across human body
NIH-funded study finds personalized kidney screening for people with type 1 diabetes could reduce costs, detect disease earlier
Researchers Develop First Viable Preclinical Model for Rare Form of Mitochondrial Disease
Synthetic energy metabolism enables twin engine for cell
Changing trafficking of glucagon receptor in liver regulates its metabolic signaling