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Secrets of Microbiome
Access and Attitudes Vary as More Older Adults Use Patient Portals for Health, Study Finds
More Older Adults Using Patient Portals for Health, But Varying Access and Attitudes
Exercise Can Help Decrease Fall Risk for Elderly People
University of Alberta Nurses Lead Way in Advancing Health Care
Hunger May Slow Aging in Flies
Nurse Wins Humanetix HEART Award for Keeping Aged Care Home COVID-Free
Epigenetic Approach Uses Nutrition and Exercise to Modulate Aging
New Clusters Aid Prediction and Treatment of Cardiometabolic Diseases
Hypocaloric Diet Slows Age-Related Memory Loss in Brain
Wiggly proteins guard genome
How wiggly spaghetti guard genome
Post-COVID-19 Conditions Alter Immune Response: Study
Spanish Mini Medical School to take place on Saturday
Musical Expertise Enhances Listening Skills in Older Adults
Pickleball Keeps Older Adults Active
Nutrients Linked to Brain Structure and Cognition in Healthy Aging: Study
Poll Shows Need for Patient-Provider Dialogue on Deprescribing Medicines for Older Adults
Poll Shows Need for Patient-Provider Dialogue as Deprescribing Medicines for Older Adults Catches On
Mitochondrial Repair and Replacement Cracked in Metabolic Stress
New Sensor System Monitors Health and Environment with Human Movement
High Blood Pressure in 30s Linked to Poor Brain Health in 70s
Artificial Intelligence Improves Heart Health Assessment
Discovery May Unlock Secret to Healthy Aging Amid Global Warming
Cold Boosts Healthy Aging
Mushroom Amino Acid: Key to Healthy Aging?
Research: Centenarians Possess Unique Immunity for Exceptional Longevity
Regular Exercise Clarifies How It Preserves Physical Fitness During Aging
Parsing Chronological and Biological Age Effects on Vaccine Responses in Aging
Brain white matter declines for years after stroke
Practicing Yoga May Prevent Frailty in Aging Adults
3rd Anniversary of Pandemic: Loneliness Persists for Older Adults
UC Davis Medical Center Recognized as Age-Friendly Health Care Provider
Older Adults Still Feel High Levels of Loneliness 3 Years into Pandemic
UVA Researchers Discover Detoxing Body of Fat By-Products Extends Lifespan
UVA Anti-Aging Discovery Could Extend Lifespan
Older Adults Find Health, Purpose in Nature: Study
Excess weight, obesity more deadly than previously believed
UConn Health Patient Shares Keys to Longevity: Laugh & Enjoy Life
Thailand Launches Health, Social Care Model for Elderly
Tool to support long-distance caregivers gets funding boost
Strawberries Linked to Heart Health Benefits
Intermittent fasting leads to weight loss, not improved health
Spanish Scientists Find New Target to Treat Obesity-Related Illnesses
Minister Khera, Duclos Appoint New Member to Seniors Council
Mary Patetsos recognised with Member of Order of Australia
1 in 8 Americans over 50 show signs of food addiction, U-M poll finds
1 in 8 U.S. Over-50s Likely Have Food Addiction: Poll