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Dietary Supplement Could Reverse HIV/ART Organ Damage
Gene Therapy Advances to Treat Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Athletes
Heart Tissue in Space to Study Aging, Long Spaceflights
NASA, SpaceX: Heart Studies, More to ISS
New Treatment Boosts Cardiac Pump Function in Heart Failure
Explanation for postmenopausal middle-aged spread
Research explains middle-aged spread in postmenopausal women
Cyborg Tech Analyzes Maturation of Stem-Cell Heart Tissue
Heart Tissue to Space to Study Aging and Spaceflight Impact
WCPO: UC research could repair heart damage
Researchers developing method to repair hearts
Tool to Fight Deaths from Female Underrep. in Clinical Trials
Cell Mechanism Discovered to Fight Cancer and Aging
Gender Difference in Stress Hormone Reaction Observed in Mice
Scientists find way to heal scars left behind by heart attacks
Novel Tech Unlocks Early Disease Investigation
New Mechanism to Enhance RNA Therapies Found by Researchers
Mouse Study Points to New Way of Reducing Cardiac Risk in Cancer Survivors
Scientists finds stem cell network in ancient fish
Brown funds three biomedical technologies with potential to improve patient safety, care
Hope for first blood test to detect deadly heart inflammation
Discovery May Advance Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease
Genome-wide screens could reveal liver’s secrets
Researchers uncover potential ‘electrical language’ of breast cancer cells
Scientists uncover potential ‘electrical language’ of breast cancer cells
Pacemaker channel discovery could lead to better heart drugs
How heart failure disrupts cell’s powerhouse
‘Love hormone’ revealed to have heart healing properties
Machine learning helps scientists peer into future
Bioengineering Lab Advances New Approaches to Congenital Heart Surgery
Researchers identify three proteins with potential to prevent heart failure
Scientists identify three proteins which have potential to prevent heart failure after heart attack
Researchers closer to treating heart disease in diabetic patients
Harnessing heart regeneration ability of marsupials
Researchers pinpoint genetic defects that cause heart failure, pointing way to more targeted treatments
Researchers find heart failure arises from mutations in numerous distinct genes
Research reveals two protein pathways downregulated in postnatal heart
Protein signature changes during heart disease caused by reductive stress
Creating an “Adult-like” Mature Human Cardiac Tissue
Coronavirus spike protein activated natural immune response, damaged heart muscle cells
Reverse engineering heart: University of Toronto researchers create bioartificial left ventricle
Deadly spider venom treatment for heart attacks reaches next milestone
New study allows researchers to more efficiently form human heart cells from stem cells
Spiral Wave Teleportation Theory Offers New Path to Defibrillate Hearts, Terminate Arrhythmias
Regenerating heart after an attack
Injectable gel to repair damage after heart attack
Your liver is just under three years old
Academy responds to decision to hold second inquiry to convictions of Kathleen Folbigg