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IMF Wraps Up 2023 Consultation with Malaysia
Droughts increasingly reduce CO2 uptake in tropics
Accelerated melting of glaciers in Greenland
COVID-19 screening delays to cause exponential rise in certain cancers
Wildlife Rescue Services Respond to Daily Calls, Highlight Threats to Native Animals
Early-peaking baseball and basketball players face premature death
California Oil Stay-In-Ground to Boost Health, But Impact Jobs
Groups Challenged to Predict Next Famine in Hackathons
New Approaches Needed for Safety of Automated Agricultural Machinery
UMass Amherst research ties land use shifts to water quality and quantity
New Model Aids First Responders in Reaching Accident Sites Quicker
New Model Aims to Help First Responders Reach Accident Sites Faster
Premium for Restocker Steer to Heifer Conversion Reaches Highest Level Since Drought
WHO and UNICEF Begin Annual Immunization Data Collection
Correlation Found: Ancient China Epidemics Linked to Solar Activity
Climate Change to Impact Streamflow in Northeast
NC State Researchers Predict Normal Hurricane Season
Taking fish monitoring to new depths
Migratory Birds Offset Climate Change with Risky Strategy
NSF Grant to Study Macrobiota’s Role in Estuarine Carbon Cycling
Migratory Birds Can Help Offset Climate Change
Phasing out of coal too slow, heading towards 3 degrees warming
Cattle slaughter expected to fall in April
AI Sets New Bar for Designing Hurricane-Resistant Buildings
Declines in LA’s Birds Driven by Climate Change, Urbanization
Scientists Examine Racial Bias in Historic KY Properties
Frogs of Holey Plains
Digitised greenhouse gas calculator launched for producers
Brown researcher advocates guardrails for responsible AI deployment
Kids+ project identifying goat fertility issues
Atlantic Estuaries to See More Nutrients: Study
UNM Biologists Contribute to Major Whale Study
L.A.’s Bird Populations Plummet Amid Climate, Urbanization
L.A.’s Birds Suffer Due to Climate & Urbanization
These six measures could fortify your personal data
Interactive Antarctic Sea-Ice Tool Launched Feb 21, 2023
Mountain Plants Moving Up: Climate Change Causes Shift
Climate Change Widens Malaria Risk in Africa: Mosquitos Spread South, to Higher Altitudes
UOW Researchers Create World’s First MossCam Sensor System
Exploring Differences in Elite Mobility During Meiji Restoration
Council and Police Join Forces Against Crime: Bayside
Second chance to protect wetlands
IMF: Nigeria 2022 Consultation Concluded
Tropical Biomass Loss May Increase Carbon Emissions
Updated NVT disease ratings vital tool for managing looming stripe…
Banking, healthcare and education set to be transformed by AI
Blue Economy: Positive Outlook for Future
Research: Bar Charts vs. Line Graphs Bias Forecasting Trends