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When is someone old?
New data confirm that African American convicts partly replaced slave labor in US
Market exploration air platform energy management technologies
Clean energy revolution may leave disadvantaged communities behind
Drones could be new first line of defence against forest fires, says Concordia researcher 1 July
NASA, Partner Space Agencies Amass Global View of COVID-19 Impacts
Uncertainty clouds California economy, state’s recovery will mirror that of nation
A COVID-19 Study for Early Detection Expands to Reach New Communities
Mental health study to assess COVID-19 fallout
Drone technology helps researchers count turtles on Great Barrier Reef
Predictive policing: will you do time before crime?
Asian tiger mosquito gains ground in Illinois
Ocean ‘breathability’ key to past, future habitat of West Coast marine species
Transportation policymaking in Chinese cities
Complex dynamics of water shortages highlighted in study
Ocean ‘breathability’ key to past, future habitat of West Coast marine species
Compression stockings might not be needed to prevent blood clots after surgery
HKU-led study accurately tracks COVID-19 spread with big data
How do epidemics spread and persist before and after introduction of a vaccine?
Ohio State Tests Inhaled Nitric Oxide Treatment For COVID-19 Patients
Property Industry Key to Post-COVID-19 Recovery
Property Industry Key to Post COVID-19 Recovery ACT
COVID-19 impacts industry confidence
Understanding COVID wave
Putting Smartphones in Effort for Early Detection of COVID-19
How ICONIC uses data analytics to help customers buy what they really want
Research collaborative looks at spread of domestic horses
Bushfire smoke, pollution responsible for over 400 excess deaths
Future of public transport receives a personal touch
Lava flows tell 600-year story of biodiversity loss on tropical island
Box office success thanks to artificial intelligence
New online tool to help find ancestors’ graves
Water Reuse Could Be Key for Future of Hydraulic Fracturing
Model Shows Users How to Make On-Farm Sustainable Energy Projects More Profitable
Complex effects of colonial rule in Indonesia
Rapid weather swings increase flu risk
Likelihood of space super-storms estimated from longest period of magnetic field observations
Study: Commercial air travel is safer than ever
Survey says economy must be focus in local and state elections
Confidence is looking up for NSW property industry
STOP TB Joint Action Statement
UQ charging up for a sustainable future
APRA proposes major uplift in transparency around banking data
Re-Introduction of Ensuring Integrity Bill
Innovation and intervention to prevent workplace accidents
Underwater robotic gliders provide key tool to measure ocean sound levels
Historical Data Confirms Recent Increase in West Texas Earthquakes
“We will be using unique new Treuhand data”