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Ozone research managers say no room for complacency on ozone layer recovery
New mathematical model assesses ICU patients’ mortality risk
Picture postcard perfect – Edwardian social media revealed
Property industry confidence remains robust – housing affordability concerns increase
Recent technology cost forecasts underestimate pace of technological change
Bee population estimates bumbled, SFU researchers find 25 June
Artificial intelligence speeds forecasts to control fusion experiments
WVU research finds ‘excess deaths’ in Amish and Mennonite communities during pandemic
Bee population estimates bumbled, SFU researchers find
Midwest bumble bees declined with more farmed land, less diverse crops since 1870
‘Background’ adverse event study will inform global COVID vaccine safety monitoring
Lead from leaded petrol persists in London air despite ’90s ban
Long-term Himalayan glacier sStudy
Study finds lightning impacts edge of space in ways not previously observed
Artificial intelligence can significantly reduce company driving
Swiss startup collects environmental data from street to street
Ancient discovery could help us develop more disease resistant watermelons
From Curb to Doorstep: Driving Efficiencies for Delivering Goods
Outpatient care during coronavirus pandemic
Model Could Create Hurricane Forecasts up to 18 Months in Advance
New therapy target for malignant melanomas in dogs
Scientists look to “hot spot” for longest weather record
PNNL Defines Macro Cyber Resilience in Journal of Information Warfare
Inspired by data warehousing: A new platform integrates disparate information systems
Property industry confidence continues to climb
Victorian confidence lags nation, with medium-term outlook improving
Property confidence stages remarkable comeback
2021 Hurricane Season Will be Active, NC State Researchers Predict
Historical Data Offers a Glimpse into Mental Health of Adolescents During COVID-19
Increased Precipitation and Watery Miracles of Italian Saints
Algorithms inspired by social networks reveal lifecycle of substorms, a key element of space weather
IMF Executive Board Concludes 2021 Article IV Consultation with Malaysia
Scientists sketch rare star system using more than a century of astronomical observations
Pioneering prehistoric landscape reconstruction reveals early dinosaurs lived on tropical islands
Researchers use UW vessel logbooks to reconstruct historical groundfish populations
Court case and motor insurance
Future of financial services by 2030
Stratigraphic drilling completed in East Tennant and South Nicholson
Researchers develop a new way to forecast beach water quality
From IoT to cloud computing: Dunhuang murals can “live” for another millennium
Machine learning to prevent cyberattacks
IMF Executive Board Completes Final Review Under Policy Coordination Instrument for Republic of Serbia
Commission closes investigation into Beijer acquisitions
Climate change: threshold for dangerous warming will likely be crossed between 2027-2042
Early English drama resources offer insights on theatre from Middle Ages to Shakespeare
Early English drama resources reveal insights on theatre from Middle Ages to Shakespeare
Confidence bounces back in NSW
Victorian property industry optimistic for 2021