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Grant to fund study of prostate cancer evolution
Grant to fund prostate cancer evolution
Nubeqa registered by TGA for new patient group
Advanced Prostate Cancer Treatment Approved by TGA
XTANDI Plus Leuprolide Enhances MFS in Non-Metastatic Prostate Cancer
Women with RA Find Relief with Hormone Therapy
UK Scientists Find Way to Tackle Breast Cancer Risk
Review of LA Growth Hormone Therapy for Kids: Past & Present
Hormone Replacement Therapy May Shield Heart and Brain Post-Menopause
New Study on Androgens May Lead to Breast Cancer Treatments
How oxygen deprivation causes cancer cells to spread
Exercise Improves Heart Health in Postmenopausal Women
Radiotherapy optional for older breast cancer patients
Research Finds No Radiotherapy Needed for Older Breast Cancer Patients
Pharmacy Clinic offers free medicine assessment for LGBTQIA+
Promising Results in TNBC Patients from Oncolytic Virus Treatment
What You Should Know About Hormone Therapy and Menopause
PSA Publishes Inaugural Equality Statement
Lifetime Estrogen Exposure Linked to Stroke Risk
Altering Vaginal Microbiome to Treat Menopausal Symptoms?
Expert Group Proposes Revisions to Gender-Affirming Care Guidelines
Imaging technique may measure absorbed dose from radiation therapy
Bladder Bacteria Linked to Recurrent UTIs
Dana-Farber researchers to present findings at San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium 3 December
Menopause meets politics: Where governments fail in women’s health
Recruitment milestone reached in breast cancer trial
Endocrine Society condemns Florida ban on gender-affirming care
Association of hormone therapy with depression during menopause
Standard threshold for low testosterone doesn’t apply to young men
Metastasis-directed radiation therapy plus hormone therapy improves progression-free survival for men with advanced prostate cancer
Radiation-hormone therapy combination may slow growth of oligometastatic prostate cancer
Shortened course of radiation therapy safe and effective for men with high-risk prostate cancer
Workers would get ‘reproductive leave’ under plan to address gender inequality
Epigenetics offers new view on cancer treatment
Research suggests discontinuation of gender-affirming hormones in those who start treatment as adolescents is rare
Incidental Exercise
LSU Health Research reveals new drug target for triple-negative breast cancer
Transgender women’s heart-lung capacity and strength exceed those of cisgender peers even after years of hormone therapy
Foot massage effective in improving sleep quality and anxiety in postmenopausal women
Hormone therapy explained
Alliance Foundation trials study reveals combination hormonal therapy delivered in finite period improves PSA levels
4 researchers helping more people survive breast cancer
I keep surfing because surfing keeps me
How do we carpe diem?
Why did I write book about Prostate Cancer
UConn Health/JAX Study Gives Better Understanding of Endometriosis and How it Grows
Hormone therapy for prostate cancer increases risk of dying from cardiovascular disease
Women with endometriosis may have higher risk of stroke