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New safe-sleep guidelines aim to reduce infant deaths
WHO urges quality care for women and newborns in critical first weeks after childbirth
Bond between mothers and their babies integral to infant development, Deakin study finds
Researchers to study Covid effects on maternal, child health during pregnancy
Household pesticide use harms infant motor development, study shows
Babies born during pandemic’s first year score slightly lower on developmental screening test
Testing and treating newborns for spinal muscular atrophy: saving lives and healthcare costs
Crawling important step in development of risk perception
Physicians, researchers, allied health professionals honored in 2021 Health Care Heroes awards
Partners play pivotal role in pregnant women’s alcohol use, which affects their babies’ development
Women’s risk for depression during pregnancy doubled during COVID-19 pandemic, Stanford study finds
Now is Time to Study Impact of Pandemic on Mothers and Babies
“Good bacteria” in breast milk changes over time
Conversing with infants may affect their brain circuitry, Stanford researchers find
More than one way to grow in womb
Tummy time shown to aid infant development
Robot toys could help detect early signs of autism or ADHD in infants
Gut microbe imbalance may stunt CF babies’ growth