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Maternal Strep B Vaccine Could Save Thousands of Babies
Millions Saved, Thousands Prevented by Global Strep B Vaccine Program
World Bank Backs India with $1B for Pandemic Preparedness, Health Services
U-M Study Finds Unexpected Link Between Income & Maternal/Infant Health
Breathing Becomes Harder
Lockdowns linked with drop in preterm births
Keeping babies alive will lower population growth
Lower Population Growth Linked to Keeping Babies Alive – Study
Racial Gap in Preterm Births Linked to Proactive Policing
Research finds association of genetic disease and infant mortality higher than previously recognized: 41% of infant deaths linked to genetic diseases
State Abortion Bans Don’t Stop Eugenics: Court
Self-Reported Health to Assess ‘Levelling Up’ Goals – UCL
Newborns Screened for SMA: Better Chances of Walking, Quality Life
Marine Plankton: Clue to Ocean & Human Health?
Pollution from farm fires significantly increases blood pressure risk
Malaria Scientist wants to solve planet sized problem
Proclamation on National Child’s Day, 2022
Lifesaving vaccine research presented to World Health Organization at OPTIMMUNIZE 2022 Conference
IMF Concludes 2022 Article IV Consultation with St. Vincent and Grenadines
Tackle debt with healthcare funds: researchers on healthier society for all
Covid policies harmed minority women’s perinatal experiences, magnified inequities
UniSC research program linked to reduction in Queensland baby deaths
Research finds disparities in childbearing by race and education level
Mountain gorilla population growth related to group density and female movements
Johns Hopkins Researchers Find WIC Participation May Be Associated with Better Health Outcomes
People in Luton are living shorter lives than they should
Experts of Committee on Rights of Child Praise South Sudan’s Child
Access to paid sick leave linked to lower mortality rate among US adult workers
UN agencies underline commitment to women and girls in Afghanistan one year after Taliban takeover
Depriving girls of secondary education translates to loss of at least US$500 million for Afghan economy in last
Research reveals that social circumstances have outsized impact on hypertension control
Apgar scores discriminate risk of infant mortality after birth less well
AIHW releases 2022 report card on health of Australians
Unchecked emissions could double heat-related child mortality
World Bank Approves $1 Billion to Support Indias Health Sector for Pandemic Preparedness and Enhanced Health Service Delivery
Vanderbilt, UNC and Duke nurse-midwives join forces to reduce Black maternal health risks
Future fund supports clinical trial on steroid use for pre-term babies
Twins can face unique risks before and just after birth
Five questions about research on rabbits by WUR and rabbits sector in Netherlands
GOAL 3 takes steps in fight against needless mortality in Africa
Public health “detectives” will track potential links between COVID-19 and poor pregnancy outcomes
IMF Concludes 2022 Article IV Consultation with Grenada
Research looks at racism in health care and how to end it
Invasive Group B Strep in early infancy associated with higher risk of neurodevelopmental impairment in later life
OECD countries advancing slowly on sustainable development targets by 2030
New Study: Black women face higher maternal mortality rates than previously determined
New evidence suggests California’s environmental policies preferentially protect whites
Researchers’ index shows international healthcare systems becoming more universal