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Blood Test for Kidney Rejection Suggests New Treatment
Genetic cause of severe liver disease discovered
New strategy blocks chronic lung disease in mice
Discovery offers potential for stripping tumors of T cell protection
Taking new steps with artificial platelets
Crohn’s disease in Australia – latest research
People with Psoriatic Disease Taking Methotrexate Are More Likely to Develop Liver Disease Compared to Those with Rheumatoid
Avoid ‘Double Jeopardy’ of COVID-19 if You Have a Preexisting Condition Like Heart Disease
Fat cells may influence how body reacts to heart failure, study shows
Engineering longer-lasting artificial joints
Even with mild cases, COVID-19 impact can persist
Big causes of heart failure in COVID-19 patients include obesity, hypertension
What influences progression of Covid-19?
Stress Response Protein Links Inflammatory Disease to Colon Cancer
Suppressed immune response linked to failed bone healing
Early warning for immune system over-reaction in cancer treatment and COVID-19
3D microscopy clarifies understanding of body’s immune response to obesity
Penn Scientists Discover Microbial Transplants Require Key T Cells for Success
New research identifies biological causes of muscle weakness in later life
Synthetic “mini” receptors block atherosclerosis
Tocilizumab reduces deaths in patients hospitalised with COVID-19
Study finds ‘Achilles heel’ of Crohn’s-linked bacteria
Here’s How Stress, Illness and Even Sunburn Trigger Cold Sore Flareups
Time-specific safety interventions needed to improve construction worker safety, OSU study finds
Lipid epoxides target pain, inflammatory pathways in neurons
Medical research inspires hopes for stroke victims
New weapon against inflammation
Rat lungworm treatment guidelines updated: University of Hawaiʻi
Cancer Patient Sees Total Remission with Cell Therapy Created by CU Anschutz Scientists
Material yields soft, elastic objects that feel like human tissue
What happens in mouth … doesn’t stay in mouth
Scientists to explore whether anti-inflammatory drugs control blood sugar
Researcher Invents Microbiota Formula to Help High Risk Patients Fight COVID-19
Scientists switch on tissue repair in inflammatory bowel disease
Gout drug help cuts need for oxygen therapy and hospital stay in COVID-19 patients
‘The disease of kings?’ 1 in 20 Australians get gout – here’s how to manage it
Emory-developed COVID-19 vaccine safe, effective in animal models
New Biomarker May Predict Which Pancreatic Cancer Patients Respond to CD40 Immunotherapy
Probiotics or prebiotics? Exploring complex world of ‘gut’ health
Study examines role of biomarkers to evaluate kidney injury in cancer patients undergoing immunotherapy
Innovation and life sciences at University of Oslo: Six new teams ready for SPARK Norway
An origami-inspired medical patch for sealing internal injuries
Halved risk for severe retinal disease in extremely premature infants
Faster tracking of treatment responses
Research shows nasal spray that protects against COVID-19 is also effective against common cold
Neutrons probe molecular behavior of proposed COVID-19 drug candidates
S.O.S. to Women: Make Time to Care for Your Heart
Wearable sensor monitors health, administers drugs using saliva and tears