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Study finds low sugar metabolite associates with disability, neurodegeneration in MS
Rutgers Reports First Instance of COVID-19 Triggering Recurrent Blood Clots in Arms
Scientists show immune cells change behavior unexpectedly to instigate psoriasis lesions
Study: Obesity slows progress against cancer deaths
University of Minnesota Medical School researchers identify target for senolytic drugs
How body builds a healthy relationship with ‘good’ gut bacteria
A delicate balance: Learning new ways that gut microbes educate immune system
UCLA scientists decode ‘language’ of immune cells
All gas, no brakes: Testosterone may act as ‘brake pedal’ on immune response
Scientists decode ‘language’ of immune cells
Ancient gut microbiomes may offer clues to modern diseases
Johns Hopkins Medicine Team Tests Medical Marijuana as Possible Therapy for Chronic Itch
Shaping future of structural biology and X-ray imaging at EMBL Hamburg
Treatment for Alzheimer found effective in preventing inflammation in orthopedic implants
A patch for activation of anticancer drug inside tumor
Australian research to help prevent 10 Australians dying of heart attack each day faces a funding shortfall
Controlling cholesterol in microglia alleviates chronic pain, opioid-free
New theory may revolutionize treatment of endometriosis
Intense light may hold answer to dilemma over heart treatment
Blocking lipoxygenase leads to impaired cardiac repair in acute heart failure
Drug target pathway could unlock treatments for diabetes, cancer and COVID
Research finds oral bacterial imbalance linked to Alzheimer’s disease
Mild COVID-19 infection is very unlikely to cause lasting heart damage
Why is COVID-19 so hard to treat? Growing evidence points to unique infectious profile
Thin and brittle bones strongly linked to women’s heart disease risk
High sugar-sweetened drinks tally linked to doubling in bowel cancer risk before age 50
Only Half of Those with Heart Disease Get a Flu Shot
Biomarker Detects Severe COVID-19 Early On
Defective Epithelial Barriers Linked to Two Billion Chronic Diseases
Journal publishes research review by TTUHSC pharmacy investigator
NIH Statement on World Asthma Day 2021
Repairing Nerves Requires Prods of Protein
Your stomach may be secret to fighting obesity
A sweet solution to hard brain implants
Investigating role of Brd4 in diet-induced obesity
Changes in proteins play important role in aging kidneys
Chronic attack on aging nervous system
Research with Neutrons for Better mRNA Medicines
A glimmer of hope: New weapon in fight against liver diseases
DNA building blocks regulate inflammation
Novel coronavirus’ spike protein plays additional key role in illness
Preparing for next pandemic
Historic PBS listing for Australians with a rare epilepsy condition
Study shows how meningitis-causing bacteria may sense fever to avoid immune killing
New cell atlas of COVID lungs reveals why SARS-CoV-2 is deadly and different
Orthocell says study results open US market opportunity
Brain’s waste removal system may offer path to better outcomes in Alzheimer’s therapy
Physical activity reduces cardiovascular risk in rheumatic patients