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Nanoparticle Could Revolutionize Corneal Transplants
IAEA, FAO Launch Pioneering Protein Quality Database
Research Reveals Neurodegeneration Causes in Brain
Enzyme-Regulating Macrophages Link Mice, Human Therapies
Depressed, and Aging Fast
Non-Invasive Muscle Therapy for Elderly Cleared for Use
IU Researchers Find Common Bacterial Infection is Sexually Transmissible
Key to Managing Kidney Disease Discovered
Sea Otters Killed by Unusual Parasite Strain
Mystery Parasite Kills Sea Otters, Marine Life at Risk
Unusual Parasite Strain Kills Sea Otters
Penn Researchers Identify Key Mechanism of Kidney Disease
Gut Microbes Diagnose Gestational Diabetes Early in Pregnancy
Scientists: Next Epidemic Could Be Detected in Sewage
Public’s View of Obesity Changed by Pandemic: Survey
Research Uncovers Potential Link Between Coffee & Reduced Type 2 Diabetes Risk
HKUMed Develops 2D Ultrasound-Responsive Nano-Sheets to Combat Bone Infection
Measles Vaccination Urged Before Easter: NT Health Alert
Immune Signals Linked to Addiction Vulnerability in Brain
Healthy Men with Vaginal Sex Show Unique Urethral Microbiome
Five ways AI promises to transform organ transplants
Cellular Smoke Detector Found: Eureka
Which Diet is Best: Intermittent Fasting or Keto?
Research: Bulevirtide Effective for Treating Chronic Hepatitis D
Lupus Worsened by Autoantibodies Discovered
Obesity Linked to Low Immune Response in Covid Cases
Upgraded tumor model optimizes search for cancer therapies
African American Cancer Survivors: Discrimination speeds Aging?
African American Cancer Survivors Face Accelerated Aging from Discrimination
Discrimination Linked to Frailty in Black Cancer Survivors: Study
Biomarkers May Aid in Early Pancreatic Cancer Detection
DARP grant funding
Single-cell RNA-seq IDs Encephalitis-Linked Myeloid Cells Post-COVID Vaccine
Protein Engineers Target Therapeutics More Effectively
Dietary Supplement Reverses Aging in Mice: Menin Loss Linked
Non-Invasive MR Elastography Offers Alternative to Liver Biopsy in Obese Patients
Team Finds Link Between TKI Cancer Drugs & Inflammatory Side Effects
Vitamin May Cut Pancreatitis Risk in ALL Treatment
Mediterranean Diet Cuts CVD, Death Risk in Women by 25%
Drug Combo for Cystic Fibrosis Proves Safe, Effective Long-Term
Neural Stem Cells Aid Microenvironment Maintenance
Western Diets Linked to Liver Disease: Study
Long COVID and path to recovery
Aged Brain’s Meningeal Membranes Linked to Disability
Heart Tissue in Space to Study Aging, Long Spaceflights
MRFF Cardiovascular Health Grant
Mediterranean Diet Cuts Women’s CVD Risk by 25%
Why Is Colorectal Cancer Rising Rapidly among Young Adults?