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Johanna Komppa Fostering Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration
Infants’ Lung Function Linked to Air Temperature
“The results of research must be available to all”
Learning can’t be rushed despite fast-paced society
OPCW Director-General meets Finland’s State Secretary to Minister for Foreign Affairs
ARC project helps barley breeders in fight against disease
University of Helsinki Narrows Down Rector Pool to 4 Candidates
First steps towards more climate-friendly streaming
Stem Cell Transplant Restores Immune System: Process Found
Yarra Ranges Council is proud to be stepping out at Midsumma Carnival’
Munruben’s Mount Lindesay Highway widening complete
Nine Invited to Interview for Rector Role
Flamingo Populations Sustainable with Size in Mind: Study
Light pollution disturbs glow and reproduction of glow-worms
Recreational Cannabis Reduces Codeine Prescription Demand
Martti Koskenniemi receives honorary title of Academician of Science
When recreational cannabis is legal, codeine demand drops
Research: Gender-Affirming Hormones Boost Mental Health in Youth
“Bildung means ability to apply knowledge for good”
Advancing Cancer, Memory Disorder Treatment Through Research & Care
Diagnosis digital disease
19 applicants for position of rector of University of Helsinki
Ngurrak barring works underway
Jewish Cemetery in Fez Symbolizes Cultural Unity
Inequity in Heart Transplant Access Could Worsen: Study
Rescue at Johanna
Forgotten era of filmmaking finds new home at Johns Hopkins
Michigan Health Lab’s most read articles of 2022
10 most popular stories of year
SPIDER launches from Antarctica
Countries invest in forests and land to reach net zero
Early works commence on New Bundaberg Hospital
Back to Antarctica with SPIDER
What city life will be like if we reach our climate goals
Reduced use of child sexual abuse material after online CBT
ANU to map Australia’s telecommunications resilience
Intense femtosecond light pulses in mid-infrared for spectroscopic and technical applications
Inflammation förstärker effekten av genetisk riskvariant vid schizofreni
Inflammation amplifies effect of genetic risk variants for schizophrenia
Stone age child buried with bird feathers, plant fibers and fur
Do you speak extra-terrestrial? Research hub considers response to life beyond Earth
Interdisciplinarity is trending: What is it like to write, supervise and assess interdisciplinary thesis
Sticky cell fingers help keep breast tumors contained
Good news stories from around world 27 October
Coordinating climate and air-quality policies to improve public health
Abortion’s Impact on Midterm Elections
TanSat’s first attempt to detect human-caused CO2 is successful
Clampdown on chip exports is most consequential US move against China yet