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Additional changes to consumer credit laws come into effect today
Three-body interactions bring egoists into collective comfort zone – even penguins
In quantum mechanics, not even time flows as you might expect it to
ABCC publishes Code non-compliance by NSW company RMA Construction Group Pty Ltd
Driver involved in Freeway ‘near miss’ faces court, South Australia
Intelligence agencies’ powers under committee scrutiny
Cumberland City Council behind new abandoned trolley laws
Greens reject Morrison discrimination bill
Surprise landlord visits on their tenants cause for concern
Cassy O’Connor wrong again but won’t admit it
Industry welcomes removal of unworkable provisions from Religious Discrimination Bill
400+ submissions received on proposed changes to animal management law
Archer backs away from promise on petrol and admits she will do nothing
Green Party seeks post-enactment review for COVID Bill
FECCA calls for Voter ID laws to be abandoned
NSW Government secures landmark laws against modern slavery
Laser cooling for quantum gases
Gift card rules reminder
Reminder about three year minimum expiry for gift cards
Further guidance to help businesses understand their obligations under new laws to strengthen national security
Casual conversion failure blasted by unions at 12 hour sit-in
Quotes called for compliance contractor on Magnetic Island
Business welcomes NSW’s common-sense changes to workers compensation legislation
Memorandum to Secretary of State, Secretary of Treasury, and Secretary of Energy on Presidential Determination Pursuant to Section
Multiplex fine over Canberra fatality manifestly inadequate
UN expert to visit to assess freedom of opinion and expression: Hungary
Lazy Johnston’s Hansard gaffe
Pre-Qin Legalists Were More Inclined to Use Reward Motivation in Governance than Pre-Qin Confucianists
Thumbs up for council from Qld Audit Office
Federal Reserve issues consent order against Mashreqbank for firm’s unsafe and unsound practices related to sanctions compliance
Certificate of Pool Barrier Compliance deadline extended
Devonport firearms incident investigation ongoing
Foreign Secretary condemns military coup in Sudan
Greyhounds gather for off-leash event in Salisbury
Rio Tinto announces purchase price for cash tender offer for 2025 notes
Removalist’s false claim of professional affiliation results in fine
Self-reporting issues to FMA does not provide immunity from litigation
CHOICE response to ASIC legal action against timeshare scheme Ultiqa
United States Participates in Proliferation Security Initiative Exercise DEEP SABRE
ASIC commences proceedings against Ferratum Australia for charging prohibited credit fees
New report reinforces farmers are best land managers
Memorandum on Delegation of Functions and Authorities Under Section 1299F of William M. Thornberry National Defense Authorization
New TMD check functionality in Switching Tools available now
Regulator finds misconduct and mismanagement as statutory inquiry into Human Appeal concludes
International Religious Freedom Day 28 October
Builder fined for fence removal without notifying neighbour – Tiberiu Laurentiu Diaconu
Workplace deaths increase two years in row, report shows
Liberals shame in abandoning building industry and homeowners