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Cells with stress: predicting drug-induced liver and kidney damage
Dutch Child Protection Act Evaluated: ‘Give Children Voice’
Rescore of Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky for chamber orchestra
Astronomers Discover Building Blocks of Life in Star-Forming Cloud
Protecting Ukraine’s Cultural Heritage Amid Bombs and Looting
Lucien van Beek Awarded LUF Grant: ‘It’s Amazing!’
Risk of Colon Cancer from Salmonella Exposure
European Grant to Study Tibetan Collection: ‘Huge Literary Output’
Researchers develop assessment framework on behalf of Ministry
Presentation second part of ‘A History of Russian Law’
Research Project on Future of Labour Market receives 3.4 million euros
Regilme Wins 2022 Human Rights Publication Award
Shame in Workplace Linked to Stress, Conflict and Burnout: Nauta
Building Better Enzymes – by Breaking Them Down
Healthy soil for healthy gut
Bonobos Show More Empathy to Strangers Than Those They Know
Anticancer drugs: new hope for sepsis treatment
European Grant Funds Research on Colonial Medical Experiments
Eye’s Role in Language Acquisition Examined
Improving safety assessment of nanoparticles
Airglow Adds Color to Nighttime Sky
What Imperial research taught us about Covid in 2022
Humans have been using bear skins for at least 300,000 years
Rethinking sex in neuroscience of mental health
New SSH laboratories in Sylvius building
Throwback to panel discussion about future of archaeology
Robotics and AI in archaeological theory and practice
Two new functions for anthropologist Erik Bähre
Helping cancer patients with treatment choices
LCCP working seminar spring 2023
AI Tool Reduces Diagnosis Time for Thousands of NHS Heart Patients
New project on musical robots for people with dementia
Update development of new joint Platform for Arts Research in Collaboration
Researchers develop award-winning tool using AI to measure heart’s function
2022 Institutions for Conflict Resolution Skills Lab
Are bacteriophages new antibiotics?
‘Migration’, ‘migrazione’ and ‘migracja’: Free teaching modules on migration in six languages
Paul van der Heijden arbitrator for new Free Trade Agreement between United Kingdom and Japan
Reading list – Culinary culture and tasty tales
Jorrit Rijpma joins Round Table on Instrumentalisation of Migration
When is our institutional strategic partnership success?
ACPA PhD Yannis Patoukas releases debut album ‘Jammed’
Search for biomarkers and therapeutic targets for drug-resistant epilepsy
UI GreenMetric ranking: WUR still most sustainable university in world
Eduard Fosch-Villaronga & Louk van Doorn win DT4REGIONS Ideathon on AI Potential for Preventive Healthcare
Nobel Prize winner visited Leiden: ‘We have hosted scientific rockstar’
Nobel Prize for quantum physics: circle for Bell’s theorem is complete
Publicatie Christa Tobler over vormgeven EU-wetgeving op Britse wijze