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‘Using real-world data to enhance our healthcare system’
‘Homo sapiens is too arrogant: call us Homo faber, toolmaker’
Nature conservation in Dutch Caribbean
Stimulating gut-brain nerve can influence emotion
Many animals, but little biodiversity in children’s picture books
Include local communities in policymaking
Researchers tackle antibiotic-resistant bacteria
Planeetvormende schijven evolueren verrassend vergelijkbaar
Three main results of VVI’s Strengthening Legal Education in Eastern Indonesia
BEAT-COVID team discovers sugar-coated antibodies that predict disease progression
Peter van Bodegom about sustainable horticulture
Traitors, profiteers or collaborators: ‘The Jewish Council has long been judged too harshly’
Gravitation grant for research into growing up successfully
Life cycle of comets near other star resembles that of our solar system
ERC grant to improve post-vaccination protection in low-income countries
European grant for research into Indian scriptures: ‘This is what our understanding of Hinduism is based on’
Young social scientists network away during Young Academic Lunch
Italian nurse acquitted of murder after statistical analysis
Report suggests emergence of alpha variant did not lead to more severe disease in children admitted to hospital
Book launch ‘The promise of music’
Erik de Maaker and team awarded grant for research on impact of ‘green farming’
New research project makes Internet even better
Towards relevant quantum computers
PhD research: Was there already Dutch-Dutch and Belgian-Dutch in past?
Learning to think critically about machine learning
National Growth Fund invests many millions in faster and more sustainable drug development
Role of Humans in Surgery Automation
Four Leiden researchers awarded Rubicon grants
‘You can’t just go to field and leave again with data’: meet LUCIR scholar Corinna Jentzsch
Blog on how research on valuation biases was used in US courtroom co-authored by Niek Strohmaier
ERC Consolidator Grant for Marijn van Putten: How many ways are there to read Quran?
Journey through maze: measuring learner-learner interaction
Towards more diverse diversity policy: NWA subsidy for ‘Dilemmas of diversity’ project
Researchers recreate 17th-century perfume by Constantijn Huygens
Institutions for Conflict Resolution Skills Lab on 29 March 2022
What works in social work? Large-scale research into social resilience policy interventions
Aritifical microswimmers work together like bacteria
AI & Humanities: ‘So much untapped potential’
Better treatment of skin diseases thanks to NWA grant of 11.7 million euros
Melanie Fink speaks on Frontex’s external relations at Jean Monnet Conference organised by Ankara University
Newly developed excavation robots shape archaeology of future
ERC grant for Sebastian Pomplun to precisely influence gene expression
Drugs with fewer side effects through collaboration between LACDR and PTS
From basic research to healthcare tools
How brain disorder models are like Night Watch
UBL acquires rare Chinese Miao album
Keywan Riahi and Joeri Rogelj appointed to new European Scientific Advisory Board
Covid mixed with flu increases risk of severe illness and death