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Thomas Hansen wins KNCV-Backer Prize
You can help scientists study Sun
Study links Cochlear implants to new bone formation, increased hearing loss
How structural biology helps to make RNA vaccines
Searching for science in patent texts
Giving makes you happy
Leonieke Boendermaker named professor by special appointment of Implementation Challenges in Youth Care
Whale poop reveals plastics problem: three million microplastics per day
Improving environment of people with dementia with help of new software
First-in-Human Study of Golodirsen for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Trends in museums: ‘A lot of museums have dormant collection of pre-colonial art’
Quantifying need of phosphorus of smallholder farms in tropical regions
“I want to develop new materials that meet demands of today”
Jorrit Rijpma participated in panel in ERA lunchtime Conference on Future of Europe
Book Publication by Illektra Antonaki: Reconciling Free Movement of Capital with Public Interest Objectives
Lukas Verburgt wins KNAW early career award
Janice McNab- Paul Brach Visiting Artist at CalArts
These nine Leiden Science researchers are among most highly cited
Leiden involved in global science communication study
New technique revolutionizes venom research
Natural seed bank drives diversity
Unique research on inscriptions offers new insights into history Islam
‘The historical pedigree of New Wars and New Terrorism’: meet LUCIR scholar Isabelle Duyvesteyn
Rembrandt made mess of his legal and financial life
Peter van der Putten on Robo Rabbi and robot that performs funeral rituals
Navigating Boundaries in Ethnographic Fieldwork
Marcel Cobussen receives Best Speaker Award
Journal established at LIACS reaches world top
Creating social access for autistic children, what does it take?
Grant for workshop series on Ocean Governance
COI Stakeholders meeting 14th of October 2021
Grant for workshop series on Oceans Governance
Non-invasive DNA-labeling tool opens doors for new research
Visit virtual Gold Matters exhibition
LLX roundtable titled “Next Generation EU 2.0 – first steps towards a fiscally more integrated Eurozone
Christa Tobler speaks about “ombuds offices in Europe: a success story”
WUR signs Dutch Transparency Agreement on Animal Testing
LACDR EMA Lunchtalk
CO2-reduction and economic growth: can they go hand-in-hand?
Leidse wetenschappers werkten mee aan expositie over groeiverslaving
Common insecticide linked to extreme decline in freshwater insects
Six reasons why it’s hard to lead healthier life
Research: Administrative attention amidst political failure
Ethical guidelines to better regulate DNA research on human remains
Google gift for quantum research
Radboud University and Leiden University research ethnic profiling
Volcanic ‘activity’ in black holes blows monumental bubbles of hundreds of thousands of light-years
Sharp rise in purchasing power since 1977, inequality stable in recent years