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Miraculous view of a nascent planet
Hunger is not a lack of food, but rather solitude in Mentawai
Physicists invent printable superconductor
Toxicology partner in two research projects of Dutch Research Agenda
Consortium puts Quantum Computer in cloud
Green light for research on animal-free lactoprotein and robust landscape
4.9 milion euros for unraveling mysteries of black holes
Million grant to keep biological clock healthy
If you expect an itch, you’ll get an itch
Vidi grant makes Anar Ahmadov feel free like a bird – for
Physicists detect single nanoparticles in motion
Ingenious experiment finally reveals how gold oxidises water
New science sector outlines
Glycine in space produced by dark chemistry
Universe expansion speed measured in bendy starlight
New project uses artificial intelligence in drug development
Blog post: nose of this wormy-shaped bacterium has a surprising symmetry
Teaching speaking skills in foreign languages with a practical, adaptive method
Marie Curie funding for Simone van der Hof
Stem op Liesbeth van Vliet voor de VIVA400
‘Children think programmers are more social than writers’
Veni grant for Nadine Raaphorst: ‘I kept checking whether it was really true’
How to create a successful transnational learning environment
What refugee crisis teaches us about human connection
Technique from new cars helps with surgery selection Parkinson’s disease
ERC Synergy Grant to unlock sugar codes for health and a sustainable society
‘The results could take days’
NWO Vidi grant for ten Leiden researchers
Leiden University signs agreement with Tsinghua to co-foster PhDs in astronomy
Astronomers see gigantic collisions of galaxy clusters in young universe
End-of-life care research: need for cultural sensitivity in globalizing palliative care
Clever variant of antibiotic bypasses resistance in bacteria
MIGRADROME: new study on impact of vessel sound pollution on fish behaviour
What you need to know about tax avoidance
How independent are tax academics?
Call for Papers JLGC 09: Reinventing Boundaries in Times of Crisis
Journalists, online media professionals and researchers come together for second edition of MISDOOM
Fungi add flavour to vanilla
Golden Dawn verdict and inescapable element of language
Becoming friends with algebraic formulas
Correcting each other’s mistakes – why cells stuck together in early evolution
First Dutch field trials with exotic insect to combat invasive plant
Unravelling prehistoric fire use: ‘Variation in fire conditions equals variation in human behaviour’
New investigation of South African rock shelter sheds light into Middle and Later modern human bahaviour
New insight brings sustainable hydrogen one step closer
Scrum enhances learning in chemistry education
New LDE Centre for Governance, Migration and Diversity
Cord clamping and CPR discovery could change practice