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Number 1 in Netherlands; number 22 in world: Political Science at Leiden University
‘Punishment of international cartels by competition authorities needs to be better coordinated’
Two Marie Curie Grants for Leiden
Peer van der Helm named professor by special appointment of Education and Care in Special Education
Cultural Anthropologist Peter Pels part of research team into colonial collections
New tenure track: understanding and engineering microbial metabolism for health and sustainability
Ecologist Michiel Veldhuis is Discoverer of Year 2020
Politicized pandemic shaped compliance with social distancing
Commendable visitation report Public Administration: ‘Now moving forward with wind in our backs’
Jorrit Rijpma and Amalia Campos Delgado representatives Latin America & Caribbean
Astronomers see star with dust disk that is being fed
Joost Visser gives keynote at SEN symposium
Frederic Lens: building bridges in biodiversity research
Ilya Kokorin and annual symposium of Texas International Law Journal
Maintaining Order: Public Prosecutors in Post-Authoritarian Countries, case of Indonesia
How to make transparency and explainability in artificial intelligence concrete
Nanoparticles: shapeshifters that pass along food chain and end up in brain
Tracking science in patent texts
Noise pollution affects marine life worldwide
New map shows where nitrogen reduction will be most effective
A personal benefit of social distancing: lower odds of getting COVID-19
Foreign national suspects appear in court and sentenced more often
Twitter use helps predict flooding
Astronomers see whirlwind around possible exoplanet-in-the-making
Toxys, Leiden University and LUMC announce licensing of ToxProfiler technology for animal-free chemical safety testing
Pianism in Long Nineteenth Century
A radical shift in understanding how extremism works: DRIVE project is getting started
Making a technology sustainable that doesn’t even exist yet
How to set ambitious goals for sustainable agriculture
Book Landscapes of Survival sheds new light on habitation of Jordan deserts
Spitting cobra leads to Science publication
Yvonne Erkens publishes article on innovation in field of corporate social responsibility
Frank Pijpers appointed professor by special appointment of Complexity for Official Statistics
Report: what does our urban mine have to offer?
Call for Papers: Ties of Kinship and Early Islamic Empire
Call for papers: Expectations of justice
Ab de Jong new academic director of LIAS: ‘Feels like home’
New classification for tropical plant group Phyllanthus
Pelt brings theory and practice together in field of Deep Learning
Erasmus+ grant opens doors
European Commission selects IIASL to study Space Traffic Management
APART-GSK grant for Melanie Fink
New publication affirms academic legacy of Hanna Stöger
Geld lenen kost geld, maar hoeveel en hoelang?
Best friends forever? How adolescent brain reacts to good friends
MarSafeLaw Journal Special Issue on EU and Maritime Security
Astronomers finally measure polarized light from exoplanet
How NeCEN helped develop Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine