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Longer lives not dependent on increased energy use
Deleting a gene prevents Type 1 diabetes in mice by disguising insulin-producing cells
Drug-related deaths hardly affect life expectancy in USA
New Down Syndrome Study Goes Beyond Skin Deep
Community factors influence how long you’ll live, study shows
Men and women live longer in countries with higher gender parity
Air pollution is one of world’s most dangerous health risks
Scientists discover dust from Middle East cools Red Sea
Putting national, health and service into NHS
Native Tree Giveaway
Want to live longer? Stay in school, study suggests
Plant-based relatives of cholesterol could help gene therapy for cystic fibrosis, other diseases
Patients Frequently Refuse Insulin Therapy, Delaying Blood Sugar Control
Renewed call to address health gap for people with intellectual disability
Treatment reimbursed for devastating lung cancer with average survival of less than a year1
Treatment reimbursed for devastating lung cancer with average survival of less than
Gene therapy can protect against ALS and SMA-related cell death
Hospitality, not medical care, key to patient satisfaction
Medicaid Expansion Slashed Uninsured Rates in Diabetes Belt, Study Finds
Estimates of preventable hospital deaths are too high, new study shows
‘Lucky Dog’ Scout and UW School of Veterinary Medicine star in WeatherTech Super Bowl commercial
Gene scissors against incurable muscular disease
It’s time to make access to mental health care a reality for all
Great expectations on health require real action
Harmful effects of ageism on older persons’ health found in 45 countries
Access to Medicare increases cancer detection, reduces cancer mortality rate
Long-term medication for schizophrenia is safe
Bad habits’ hidden impact
Royal Society Recognizes UVA Auto Crash Finding as a ‘Statistic of Year’
Scientific highlights 2019
Deprivation strongly linked to hospital admissions
Simple tool shows life expectancy after dementia diagnosis
National will improve Māori health outcomes
Statement – Independent inquiry report into DFRDB scheme
Minister for Veterans and Defence Personnel – statement – Independent inquiry report into DFRDB scheme – 11 December
PNG Field Report, Ms Mary Padbury, Burnet Chairman
PNG Field Report, Ms Mary Padbury, Burnet Chair
Teens to put diabetes technology to test
Institute of Population Health Sciences leader calls for next step in transforming HIV care
Informing better policies for an aging population
Ken’s journey with asbestos disease ends
Over 300 children and adolescents die every day from AIDS-related causes
Marshall Government Announces More Support for Regional Patients
Study finds Indigenous culture boosts children’s outcomes
World AIDS Day – Every Journey Counts
Aging in good health: inequalities are widening
New funding model for Aboriginal health services welcome
All inpatients with learning disability or autism to be given case reviews