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World Health Statistics 2022
Report details potential problems caused by lack of diversity in clinical trials
If you take several medications, ‘polypharmacy’ is word to know
Seventy-fifth World Health Assembly to focus on “Health for Peace, Peace for Health” for recovery and renewal
World-first study to determine if exercise is bad or good for those with congenital heart disease
Researchers identify high costs of living with sickle cell disease
Scientists identify high costs of living with sickle cell disease
Scientists use virus to fight bacterial infection clearing way for life-saving lung transplant
Grant fund launched to support women’s reproductive wellbeing in workplace
New Bill to level up nation
Taking ownership of your health
IMF Concludes 2022 Article IV Consultation with Grenada
IMF Concludes 2022 Article IV Consultation with Belize
Ethicist: Crisis-care protocols should ignore patients’ age
$4.4 billion gap in funding for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health
Class Acts: Morgan Pfeiffer
In Niger, Guterres calls for more resources to fight terror attacks in Africa’s Sahel
Understanding Black grief
Collaboration Between Leading Health Organizations Aims to Advance Access to Health Care in Communities of Color
Japanese population projected to live longer without dementia
Nissin Foods and Toyota Partner to Realize Well-Being for All Through Food
How blood vessels restructure under pressure
Team awarded funding for research project to improve post-surgical outcomes in Africa
Potential gains in life expectancy linked to achieving treatment goals for type 2 diabetes
Smoking reduces wealth’s tendency to increase life expectancy
Stroke cuts life expectancy by one third
Methionine Restriction May Improve Aggressive Brain Cancer Prognosis in Children
Study links Healthy lifestyle to more years without Alzheimer’s
Foreign languages slow down brain aging
People married into long-lived families share lower risk of type II diabetes
Certain personality traits linked to cognitive functioning late in life
Australian research to support children with Mitochondrial disease
Mammography decline seen among breast cancer survivors
Concerning decline in annual screening for breast cancer survivors identified in JNCCN
Statement from President Joe Biden for World Health Day 2022
Social determinants of health affect care for people with congenital heart disease
Getting up again with severe neurodegenerative disease
Some types of epilepsy may be linked to worse quality of life
Public Health AmeriCorps to address health inequity in rural communities
Are strokes social justice issue? new study suggests they could be
What is secret to happiness?
C/EBPβ/AEP Pathway Dictates Both Alzheimer’s Disease and Longevity: Study
Lower life expectancies of socially disadvantaged linked to reduced microbial exposures
Unravelling mystery of parrot longevity
Unraveling mystery of parrot longevity
Landmark PBS listing for Australians with cystic fibrosis
Record funding to support 800,000 women with endo and new genetic tests available
European Committee of Social Rights’ Conclusions on Health, Social Security and Social Protection