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Discovery at University of Limerick, Ireland reveals that ‘brain-like computing’ at molecular level is possible
Synthetic genetic circuits reprogram plant roots
Fluidic circuits add analog options for controlling soft robots
Full control of six-qubit quantum processor in silicon
Optical logic gates in future computers
Magnetic skyrmions – ready for take-off?
Wearables take ‘logical’ step toward onboard control
Researchers engineer novel material capable of ‘thinking’
Scientists engineer novel material capable of ‘thinking’
Synthetic genetic circuits could help plants adapt to climate change
Researchers have designed synthetic genetic circuits that could help plants adapt to pressures from climate change
New Optical Switch Could Lead to Ultrafast All-Optical Signal Processing
Neuromorphic computing with optically driven nonlinear fluid dynamics
Researchers Implement Logic Gates Using Two-photon Absorption in Carrier Reservoir Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers
Scientists Investigate Temperature Effect on Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers
New material holds promise for next generation of organic electronics
Researchers Propose Novel Scheme for Logic Operations Running at 1 Tb/s
Breakthrough in quantum universal gate sets
Light field-fast computing
Laser bursts drive extremely fast logic gates
Using desserts to decode computer science
Era of ‘optical computers’ operated by light is fast approaching
Researchers Create Self-Assembled Logic Circuits From Proteins
Computerized, rolling DNA motors move molecular robotics to next level
Israel Joins Quantum Computing Club
Nanocarriers based on nucleic acids— an important player in future field of nanomedicine
Researchers create molecule that can pave way for mini-transistors
Hybrid Optical Device Captures Light for Longer Periods of Time in Tiny Region
Engineer s propose simpler design for quantum computers
Genes Are Individualists, Not Collectivists, During Early Fruit Fly Development
Revealing logic of body’s ‘second brain’
Physicists, colleagues offer new way to control qubits
DPE puts its mission into practice with CURIE Academy
Researchers Construct Lab-made ‘Cells’ with Organelles to Mimic Cellular Signaling
Researchers awarded £6.1m to study light emitting semiconductors for quantum science and technology
Future of quantum
Accelerating AI at speed of light
Printable circuits bring low-cost and high-performance wearables a step closer
Going Beyond Qubits: New Study Demonstrates Key Components for a Qutrit-Based Quantum Computer
Helpful, engineered ‘living’ machines in future?
Study could lead to production of more efficient optoelectronic devices
Scientists harness chaos to protect devices from hackers
Unconventional Computing: Applications, Hardware, Algorithms
Turning cells into computers with protein logic gates