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“The only things you want to conserve are things you know”
Constant addition of nutrients into our ecosystems is depleting biodiversity
Green production of mandelic acid
Professor Andrew Fabian awarded Kavli Prize
Quarantine without protection
Sugar turns brown algae into carbon sinks
Women with Neandertal gene give birth to more children
Climate change increases migration at expense of poor
Cultural diversity in chimpanzees
BLUESKY scrutinizes lockdown-altered atmosphere
How Well Do Germans Understand Weather Risks?
Bluesky examines atmosphere during Coronavirus lockdown
Cichlid fish loves exaggerated shells
Oldest Connection with Native Americans Identified Near Lake Baikal in Siberia
Found: Brain structure that controls our behaviour
Higgs boson and superconductivity
Subcellular chatter regulates longevity
Fountains on Europa
With repeated evolution to catmint
Corona: vaccination without a needle?
Light drives injection
Oldest Upper Paleolithic Homo sapiens in Europe
Pofatu: A New Database for Geochemical “Fingerprints” of Artefacts
Using self-nudging to make better choices
Young migrants at risk of mental illness
Slavery entailed spread of epidemics
2020 Gruber Cosmology Prize for Volker Springel
Photosynthesis in a droplet
Cannibalism Helps Invading Invertebrates Survive Severe Conditions
Unexpectedly potent protein droplets
Quantum jump tipping balance
“By end of May, we could reach well below 1000 new infections per day”
Impetus for a corona vaccine
How heart affects our perception
African Skeletons From Early Colonial Mexico Tell Story of First Generation Slaves
Roots of language
Direct Evidence of Late Pleistocene Human Colonization of Isolated Islands Beyond Wallace’s Line
New approach to curing HIV
How coronavirus multiplies its genetic material
Shrinking instead of growing: how shrews survive winter
Covid-19 and enduring stigma
Coronavirus tests instead of brain research
Neandertals had older mothers and younger fathers
Tissues protect their DNA under mechanical stress
New ethane-munching microbes discovered at hot vents
A signal like none before
Specialised nerve cells increase appetite for high-fat foods
Neolithic Genomes From Modern-Day Switzerland Indicate Parallel Ancient Societies