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Interdisciplinary study reveals new insights into evolution of signed languages
CLICS: World’s largest database of cross-linguistic lexical associations
Prosocial and tolerant parrots help others to obtain food
Springer Nature and Projekt Deal finalise world’s largest transformative open access agreement
Mysterious radio bursts from a nearby spiral galaxy
Cancer-like metabolism makes brain grow
Dogs and wolves are both good at cooperating
Three new Dioscuri Centres in Poland
Meaning of emotion: cultural and biological evolution impact how humans feel feelings
Body cells spy out bacteria
Scientific highlights 2019
Social status beats money
Synchro swimmers under microscope
Final results report and measures for Max Planck-wide survey
Star formation in center of Milky Way came in bursts, new study shows
Protein Injections in Medicine
Gerald Haug appointed new Leopoldina President
How extreme environmental conditions affect human brain
Third call for Dioscuri Centres
Rich, Poor and Social Cooperation
Justinianic Plague Not a Landmark Pandemic?
Heavyweight in heart of Abell 85 central galaxy
3D model of human liver for better diagnosis
Ostrich eggshell beads reveal 10,000 years of cultural interaction across Africa
Scientists develop first implantable magnet resonance detector
Repatriation of Wanniyalaeto remains following ceremony in Edinburgh
“A set of rules for our increasingly globalized world”
Self-restrained genes enable evolutionary novelty
Gamma-ray bursts with a high radiant power
Mongolia’s melting ice reveals clues to history of reindeer herding, threatens way of life
You have to learn to understand dogs
Ironclad climate protection
“The metal industry is about to undergo one of greatest upheavals in history”
Humans’ ability to read dogs’ facial expressions is learned, not innate
Science of a Billboard Hit Song
Genetic diversity facilitates cancer therapy
Can our thoughts alter our brains?
Oxygen deficiency rewires mitochondria
Complex society discovered in birds
“We will be using unique new Treuhand data”
New palaeoecological record from tropical environments of coastal eastern Africa provides insights
Nanoceramics from ball mill
Max Planck teams successful at ERC Synergy Grants
Deep inside brain: Unraveling dense networks in cerebral cortex
Alchemy of neutron stars
How children influence life expectancy of their parents
EROSITA delivers first striking images
Health in old age is a lifelong affair