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Public health “detectives” will track potential links between COVID-19 and poor pregnancy outcomes
Vaccinia virus MacGyvers makeshift tool to repair its DNA, exposing vulnerability
Physician-scientist Marian Dale is talking walk
Restoring trust in research by creating lasting relationships
Biomarkers over biopsies: highly accurate and minimally invasive test for liver fibrosis
Some children with cerebral palsy scoliosis may not need pelvic fixation
Study of data from NASA, ESA and Russian space agency explores effects of extended spaceflight on brain
MUSC Hollings Cancer Center director receives AACR Distinguished Service Award
MUSC doctors first at academic medical center to perform ‘game-changing’ new heart failure device procedure
Preventing chemotherapy from overstaying its welcome
How left brain asymmetry is related to reading ability
New head and neck cancer specialist brings cutting-edge treatment, research to Hollings
Community health research program offering insight about genetic health risk expands across state
Hollings researcher helps to develop national smoking cessation study in cancer care settings
Program giving people free info about genetic health risks expands across state
AAN issues guidance on preventing second stroke in those with plaque in brain arteries
Hollings researcher challenges current CAR-T-cell design to improve immunotherapy options
Hollings Cancer Center and newly formed Southeastern Consortium for Lung Cancer Health Equity awarded $3 Million Stand Up to Cancer
Preventing cancer by improving HPV vaccination rates – one champion at time
Could leaky blood vessels in brain be culprit in Alzheimer’s?
Patient helps others while participating in Hollings’ clinical trial for multiple myeloma
Calming cytokine storm: Harnessing power of stem cells to improve survival in ‘sickest of sick’ Covid patients
Remote Covid study adds new ivermectin arm
Colorectal cancer research reveals promising targetable pathway for prevention and treatment
First glimpse of human brain’s waste-clearance vessels
Hollings researcher’s upcoming TEDxCharleston talk to explore exciting advances in cancer research
Healthy oral microbiome contributes to jaw bone health by influencing immune cell interactions with bone cells
Understanding treatment options for children with severe Covid
Hollings to study ways to help pediatric bone marrow transplant patients achieve better outcomes
New method of targeting mutant RAS provides hope for cancer patients
Mental health is an issue for people with spinal cord injury. Chronic pain makes it worse
Roadmap for rolling out Covid risk mitigation initiatives at educational institutions
Hollings receives NCI grant to fund research to personalize GVHD treatment after bone marrow transplantation
Study shows effectiveness of vaccine against ICU stays
Four Hollings researchers awarded American Cancer Society grants
CDC: Vaccination effective against MIS-C
How potent antifibrotic peptide works and why it could reverse scarring in multiple organs
Living in outer space: Changes in blood flow volume may be at heart of worsening eyesight
Team demonstrates MRI scan in ambulance
Physicians over-relying on commonly used laboratory test can miss liver cirrhosis
Getting childhood obesity initiatives across finish line
Research recognition ‘nice feather in MUSC’s cap’
Hollings part of $10M global tobacco study to guide regulatory policies
Mechanism Identified for Rare Disorder of Glycosylation
Researchers awarded $10 million U.S. for global tobacco study
Analysis of saliva from long-term cannabis smokers identifies disruptions
Analysis of saliva from long-term cannabis smokers finds disruptions
Chronic disease through lens of Covid