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IMF Affirms Peru’s Economic Progress in 2023 Consultation
1987 Edgecumbe Quake Photos Support Natural Disaster Resilience
Southern Africa: Cyclone’s Aftermath Brings Diseases, Healthcare Struggles
Global Adaptation Week Starts in Chile Amid Rising Climate Crises
Household wealth declined 3 per cent through year: Australia
Game on: Major upgrades at Knapsack Park completed
Restrictions on Oversize Veh. on Easter Travel
Guterres: Glaciers’ Loss Could Bring Catastrophe
IMF OKs $918M Loan for Papua New Guinea
Report: Adapt Now or Face Climate Crisis Consequences
UN Conference Seeks Water Crisis Solutions
USAID Boosts Pacific Islands Climate Resilience Funds
IMF Evaluates Vanuatu’s Economy in 2023 Consultation
Willie Nelson Supports Rural America With Endowment Fund
IMF Completes 2023 Mission to Fiji
New AI project to save lives on battlefield
World Bank Report Recommends Improving Social Assistance in Guinea-Bissau
Penn State Researchers Lead AGU’s Natural Hazards Section
IMF Finishes Consultation with Samoa for 2023
Tardigrade Proteins Unlock Human Health Advances
Local NSW SES volunteers acknowledged for service
Robots Explore Caves on Mars and Beyond, Inspired by Hansel and Gretel
‘Girls on Fire’ backed by NAB
Tajik Rescuers Master OSCE-EU Avalanche Safety Course
World Bank Aids Albania’s Green, Resilient, Inclusive Growth
More Inclusive Language Aims to Reduce Disaster Inequality
Unemployment rate returns to 3.5% in February: Australia
Mental health help for emergency services workers
Symbolic and Practical Converge in Forging Process
Wind Tunnel Testing Enhanced with Cyber-Physical Method
Ensure decent work for key workers, says ILO
FAO Mobilizes for Vanuatu Food Security After Cyclone Judy, Kevin
Storm Waste Facility Nominated for Excellence Award
Additional assistance for flood-affected primary producers
Flood-Affected Farmers Get Extra Help
Greens Announce Plan to Regulate Short Term Holiday Letting
Method Predicts Wildfires with Mechanism and Probability
UK, Bangladesh Reach Climate Change Agreement
Japan Funds WFP Aid to Syrian Refugees in Jordan
Queensland Disaster Research Alliance
Whitsundays eligible for disaster aid after heavy rainfall
Whitsundays eligible for disaster aid after heavy rain
More than 100 families moved out of flood danger zone
Historic Address to UN
Administrator Power on President’s FY24 Budget
UNICEF warns of deepening inequalities in Europe and Central Asia
USAID Seeks $FY2024 Budget From President
Insightful Simulation of 2013 Chelyabinsk Meteor