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Queensland Government supports exploration
Long-term developments of energy pricing and consumption in industry
New hydrogen fund could fuel new industry
Hydrogen and nanomaterials may transform energy industry, according to Baker Institute
Technique could enable cheaper fertilizer production
APPEA supports regional Australia in new Council
Executive Order on Securing United States Bulk-Power System
Electricity and gas companies to co-operate on relief package
Industry releases updated global sustainability reporting guide
Global energy demand to plunge this year as a result of biggest shock since Second World War
CSIRO study finds hydraulic fracturing fears unfounded
Most Commodity Prices to Drop in 2020 As Coronavirus Depresses Demand and Disrupts Supply
In Boston, COVID-19 and Climate Change Are Hitting Same Communities Hardest
UW’s EORI Offers Solutions for Wyoming’s Oil and Gas Survival
New ethane-munching microbes discovered at hot vents
Arrow’s Surat project commitment a boost to Queensland
Government supports exploration amid COVID-19 challenges
Ministers highlight industry role in COVID-19 challenges
Industry responds to WA EPA greenhouse guidelines
Major projects mark COVID-19 recovery
NTU and SMI launch comprehensive report to help shipping industry adopt alternative and greener fuels
New date set for 60th APPEA Conference and Exhibition
Analysis: Wind energy expansion would have $27 billion economic impact
ARENA opens $70 million hydrogen deployment funding round
Offshore oil and gas platforms release more methane than previously estimated
Twitter data may offer policy makers a glimpse into demand for renewable energy
Op-Ed: What ‘Walden’ Can Tell Us About Social Distancing
Americans used less energy in 2019
Researchers 3D-print minerals in order to better predict fracture formation
Pandemic lockdowns set up ‘natural experiment’ on air pollution
How chemical industry can meet climate goals
DER Roadmap Welcomed
SA supports exploration amid COVID-19 challenges
New Electrocatalyst for Hydrogen Production with Enhanced Faradaic Efficiency
Using Fiber Optics to Advance Safe and Renewable Energy
Assistance Available for Energy Customers
Delivering for domestic gas market in challenging times
Energy supply essential during COVID-19 challenges
Reforms will enable oil and gas to support recovery
Retailers Confirm Support For Energy Customers
Unearthing technical solutions for a low carbon future: CCS
Gas supply critical amid COVID-19 challenges
Making Beaumaris a better place for local sports people
Organic waste has huge untapped potential to provide clean energy around world
Oil and gas supports economy in challenging times
Victorias Go-It-Alone Approach Retrograde Move For End Users
Victoria’s Gas Decision A Sensible Step Forward
Gas Decision A Sensible Step Forward