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Qantas takes a lion’s share in TripADeal
Versatile, flexible, and economical sensors
New effective treatment for chronic stroke rehabilitation
Taking ownership of your health
Artificial intelligence model can predict whether Crohn disease will recur after surgery
Electronics can grow on trees thanks to nanocellulose paper semiconductors
Scientists discover potential key missing link protein bridging eukaryotes and prokaryotes
HKUST co-led survey shows HK investors have strong intent on ESG investment
Hong Kong retail investors show strong intent on ESG investment, despite awareness and associated investment experience remaining
Ethical communication in age of information
Researchers discover potential key missing link protein bridging eukaryotes and prokaryotes
Unlocking complex workings of biological clock
Invest NT
Asia’s Race to Outsmart Antimicrobial Resistance
Coughing mice and fight against pertussis
Pathogenic bacteria causing lung diseases hitchhike on red blood cells
Folding design leads to heart sensor with smaller profile
Liver disease increases as result of life-style changes due to Covid
Globins – on hunt to protect your liver
Minister Ng speaks with Japan’s Minister for Expo 2025 Osaka
‘Switching off’ specific brain cells protects against stress
Researchers see what research participants picture in their mind’s eye
Data Science for Particle and Nuclear Physics 2021 held online for high school students
Drug-resistant bacteria flaunt their curves
1st study of LGBT+ physicists reveals red flags
An antibody for treating autoimmune disease
Predicting tropical fish patterns in Japan
Engineered Light Waves Enable Rapid Recording of 3D Microscope Images
Seeing below surface of bimetallic nanoparticles
New optical tweezers put on pressure to change color
Ethers may have more sustainable future thanks to heterogenous catalysis
Body fights infection amid ‘waves’ of regulatory CD4+ T cells
Exploring how world’s first bullet train captivated globe
Novel nanoplatform for delivering drugs into lymphocytes
Graphene and an intense laser open door to extreme
Nanopores feel heat
Japan and UNIDO sign agreement on sustainable plastic value chains project in Nigeria
Negotiating borders
Tracking SARS-CoV-2 during Tokyo 2020 via wastewater
Congratulations to OAM Recipient
Towards greener smart cities with machine learning-based “sleep schedules”
Rare Kondo phenomenon in transition metal oxide, furthering decade-long debate
Instant Turn-over of Magnetism by Gyro Motion of Relativistic Electrons
Minister Ng announces Canada’s participation in Expo 2025 Osaka
Ion Pairings Change Honeycomb Crystal States
Patient-derived heart cells mimic disease in vitro
Stirring superfluid with laser
For sustainable sulfur-tolerant catalysts, alloy precious metals with phosphorus