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ChatGPT Reliability: Can We Count On It?
Baylor Med Students Strike Gold on Match Day ’23
New KIT Center of Health Technologies Starts Work
Emory Unveils Georgia’s Largest Health Sciences Hub
Training more new doctors in Alberta
California’s Anti-Smoking Push Saves Millions on Health Costs
MS/PML Experts: Genetic Test Prevents Fatal Brain Infection
Brigham and Women’s Hospital Receives 2nd Magnet Award
Is it safe to buy prescriptions from app
State Laws Impact Health Info Sharing: Study
Vitamin May Cut Pancreatitis Risk in ALL Treatment
BMJ Best Practice Available in Ireland for 3rd Year
Deciphering Our Sense of Smell: Making Sense of Scents
Rise in Anorexia Distress with More Calories?
Greens fund health worker training placements
CHOP’s Philly Spin-In Raises $1.1M for Cardiac Center
NSW Election: End Sick Tax on South Coast Patients, RACGP urges
Patients Benefit from Easier-to-Read Prescription Labels
WA Health System Governance Review to Enhance Patient Care
NSW Election: End Sick Tax on New England Patients
NSW Election: End Sick Tax on Northern Rivers Patients?
Transgender Telemedicine Use in Covid Pandemic
UC Davis Medical Center Recognized as Age-Friendly Health Care Provider
Research Uses Philosophy to Empower Patient Voices in Healthcare
HSS Study Finds MISB Doesn’t Affect Flatfoot in Bunion Treatment
Hopkins Covid data hub ends after three years
UConn Health’s Caryl Ryan named Infection Prevention Champion
Osteoporosis Affects 10 Million Americans
Columbia Scientists Receive Hirschl Research Awards
$40 million for Bourke MPS redevelopment
RACGP: Vexatious complaints taking toll
RACGP: Toll of Vexatious Complaints
T cells’ role in Alzheimer’s suggests new treatment plan
Racial Disparities Found in Newborn Drug Testing
Effective Value-Based Payments Require Trained Care Teams
Adolescents’ Spine Range of Motion Measured Via 3D Scans
Rate of Fatal Opioid Poisonings Among Children Doubled in 13 Years
Covid Infections Increase Risk of Long-Term GI Problems
Intraoperative 3-D Imaging Improves Spine Surgery Accuracy
NSW Election Chance to End Sick Tax in Hunter: RACGP
Virtual Care Team Boosts Heart Failure Treatment: Study
NSW Election Chance to End Sick Tax on Riverina Patients
NSW Election Chance to End Sick Tax on Mid North Coast Patients
New study finds pandemic overwhelms GPs psychologically
Neuro ICU care improved with multidisciplinary rounding
Guidance to improve hip fracture recovery
$1.2B boost for hospitals and health facilities
NSW Government Ignoring Key Worker Exodus