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OCD, Problem Gambling Learn Behaviors Differ: Study
Receptor ‘blasting’ visualised
IBS Patients at Higher Risk of Anxiety, Depression, Suicidal Thoughts
Breakthrough in Zebrafish May Unlock Stress/Anxiety Disorder Secrets
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Tracking Happiness Hormone
Psilocybin and Mental Health: Magic in Mushrooms
Brain Structural Differences Seen in Conduct Disorder Kids With/Without Abuse
Mouse Models Accurately Mimic Human Disease, Statistics Show
Mouse Models Accurately Mimic Human Disease: Statistics Show
Study finds link between blood components and brain disorders
Brain Structural Diff. in US Kids Linked to Racial Disparities in Adversity
Lower Rates of Violence Linked to β-blocker Use
Australian Psychedelic Depression Trial to Begin in 2023
Oxytocin’s Role in Pair Bonding Questioned
Tech May Aid Brain Stimulation: New Study
Why Emotional Events Stick in Memory?
Brain Network Linked to Psychiatric Illnesses Found
Placebo Reduces Guilt Feelings
Research team builds framework to quantify brain’s control costs
Team Devises Method to Measure Brain Control Expenses
Can neuroimaging reveal roots of psychiatric disorders? Not just yet
Research reveals mechanism involved in neuropathic pain and could help develop specific treatment
Mental Disorder Diagnoses May Impact Antipsychotic Clinical Studies
Measuring Mental Illness via Speech Analysis
Spouses of Cancer Patients at Risk for Mental Illness
Deep Brain Machine Interfaces Link Humans and Machines
TGA Product Information safety updates 21 December
Is brief supportive psychotherapy right for you?
UCLA-developed soft brain probe could be boon for depression research
Research Finds Psychiatric Disorder Diagnosis Varies Across Geographies
Mice Lacking Critical Myosins Suffer Severe Muscle Atrophy
Illegal drug regulation in Australia: ‘It’s almost unethical not to revisit this’
Mother’s mental health impacts children’s school grades: study
Synchronized neural oscillations in right brain induce empathic behavior
Negative self-concept appears to be self-perpetuating, researchers find
Mom’s Dietary Fat Rewires Male And Female Brains Differently
Maternal dietary fat rewires male and female brains differently
Fewer PTSD patients survive COVID
Cross-trait assortative mating may bias genetic correlations and pleiotropic effects
Scientists find genetic links between traits are often overstated
$15.3 million gift for brain research at McGill University will bring new insights into neurological diseases and disorders
What’s connection between cosmetic procedures and mental health?
Chronic jet lag discovered in people living with HIV
Warning Signs of Early Death Found in Veterans with Severe Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Consequences of early life adversity on brain
Study shows differences between brains of primates – humans, apes and monkeys
How breathing shapes our brain