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Mental health takes big step forward in state
New integrative computational neuroscience center established at MIT’s McGovern Institute
Wrist accelerometers help researchers link sleep quality to psychiatric disease
Choosing ‘best’ embryo in IVF
Psychiatric disorders in teenage years linked to social exclusion
What makes us human? answer may be found in overlooked DNA
Amyloid Beta and Serotonin May Be Keys to Predicting Who Develops Late-Life Depression
Creed honored for research involving mood, chronic pain, substance use
Study maps major brain circuit in mouse brain
Neuroscientists map major circuit in mouse brain
Treating severe depression with on-demand brain stimulation
High blood pressure risk higher among veterans who experienced sexual trauma while serving
Origin of two neuron types reveals how some cellular diversity emerges in brain
Research recurrent neural network structure in brain
New study launched to investigate targeted treatments for Schizophrenia
Research reveals drug targets for memory enhancement
Research finds drug targets for memory enhancement
Study links childhood exposure to air pollution and self-harm in later life
New programmable gene editing proteins found outside of CRISPR systems
Common factors within gut associated with depression and bipolar disorder
Discovery offers new treatment strategy for phenylketonuria
Deakin awarded $3.5 million to drive pivotal health and medical innovation
NHMRC awards $8.3m to Newcastle researchers to investigate global health problems
North inequalities cost UK economy £7.3bn over first year of pandemic
Epilepsy brain implant does not transform patients’ sense of self or personality but offers them new insights into illness
New reward circuitry discovered
Study Shows How Racing Heart May Alter Decision-Making Brain Circuits
Research finds how subtle changes in microRNA may lead to ALS
An appetite for survival
Tele-psychiatry resounding success in 5-year trial
Improving Australia’s mental health system
Scientists harness human protein to deliver molecular medicines to cells
Science Week: USC scientists talk about impact
17-year study of children associates poverty with smaller, slower-growing subcortical regions
Cracking code of motivation
Researchers discover new factor in preventing phenylketonuria, offering new treatment strategy
Scientists discover new factor in preventing phenylketonuria, offering new treatment strategy
Creation of abstract thoughts in brain
Empirical Findings Show That Interoceptive Accuracy Differs Across Life Stages
Psychiatric patients at increased risk of COVID-19 hospitalization and mortality
Spending time outdoors has positive effect on our brains
Taking brain out for walk
Impairments found in neurons derived from people with schizophrenia and genetic mutation
Banishing Cigarettes into History’s Ashcan
Novel technique decodes mechanisms controlling executive functions of primate brain
Rutgers Opens Center for Advanced Human Brain Imaging Research
Some brain disorders exhibit similar circuit malfunctions
Managing attention deficit disorder by training brain