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Five language outcome measures evaluated for intellectual disabilities studies
New study identifies which veterans are using programs to gain employment
Researchers Develop Method for Measuring Quality of Life Across Lifespan for Individuals on Autism
Study Finds More Mental Health Visits Decreases Risk Of Suicide Among Youths
Scientists program cells to carry out gene-guided construction projects
Managing anxiety during a global pandemic
University child psychiatrists share tips with Globe and Mail on talking to children about COVID-19
Penn’s Perelman School of Medicine Ranked 3rd Best Medical School in United States
8% of school-age children have thought about or attempted suicide
Experts call for more mental health support for parents of children with genetic learning
Leaving your baby to ‘cry it out’ has no adverse effects on child development
UNE to host eighth symposium on LGBT health disparities March 23
NZ researchers seeking 3,500+ volunteers for world’s largest eating disorders genetics investigation
International study completes largest genetic map of psychiatric disorders so far
Vanderbilt Divinity and VA partner on doctor of ministry for chaplains
Newly Discovered Brain Response to Obesity Drug May Inform Future Treatments
Study may help resolve bitter debate over low-cal sweeteners
Sights and sounds of winning make slot-machines irresistible
Researchers Discover Second Type of Schizophrenia
Computer-based treatment for adolescent anxiety shows promising results
Sights and sounds of slot machines increase allure of gambling, study shows
Validating NIH Toolbox to help evaluate cognitive processing
David Sumpter creates structure in apparent randomness
Five clearly defined patterns
Giving Back To Our Dedicated Veterans
Machine Learning Identifies Personalized Brain Networks in Children
Antidote to pain and negativity? Let it be
Why Zika virus caused most harmful brain damage to Brazilian newborns
Maintaining your child’s relationship with food
Boys with inattention-hyperactivity face increased risk for traumatic brain injuries
Three of Top 10 Autism Studies of 2019 come from UC Davis MIND Institute
Study finds empathy can be detected in people whose brains are at rest
Substance use disorders, improving water security are research highlights at AAAS
Interim report of victim research project submitted to Bavarian Parliament
Study: Common bariatric surgeries can double peak blood alcohol levels
Schizophrenia genetics analyzed in South African Xhosa
Clinical trial recruiting for OCD investigational medication
Rethinking interactions with mental health patients
Impact of meth use depends on your genes
Scientists develop new method that predicts vulnerability to stress
Doctors should avoid co-prescribing benzodiazepines to opioid dependent patients due to increase in overdose death
Spirituality and Mental Health Symposium
Researchers recognised in 2019 Highly Cited Researchers list