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Awards & Accolades 5 August
Research reveals improvement for those receiving medication for opioid use disorder with contingency management used
Machine learning approach for predicting risk of schizophrenia using blood test
Mental health services disrupted across Europe during first wave of Covid pandemic
Testing and treating newborns for spinal muscular atrophy: saving lives and healthcare costs
NewYork-Presbyterian number one Hospital in New York City and Among Top 10 of U.S. Hospitals
Why Forgetting Is Good for Your Memory
Study Shows Visual Evoked Potential Is Promising Tool for Translational Research Into Phelan-McDermid Syndrome and Autism Spectrum
Why uncertainty makes us change our behaviour – even when we shouldn’t
Spotlight on Services: Licensed Clinical Social Workers
When stressed, people are quicker to jump to worst conclusion
Ease access to opioid addiction medication
WLWT: Mental health issues prompt Simone Biles to drop out of Olympic team finals
New study expands lifesaving smoking cessation efforts to rural, underserved communities
Modifiable risk factors increase risk of brain complications in patients hospitalised with Covid
Expert provides insight on sports and mental health
U.S. News Names Brigham and Women’s Hospital One of Nation’s Best Hospitals
UCLA Health hospitals rank No. 1 in L.A. and state, No. 3 in nation
New study expands lifesaving smoking cessation efforts to rural underserved communities
New texting services launched to support first responders’ mental health
Abuse of children continues without criminal penalty under Victorian mental health law
Majority of psychiatric inpatients are not compliant with COVID-19 infection control measures
Research points to remotely supervised exercise classes as best option during lockdown
Young people share tips for coping with anger
Scientists reverse age-related memory loss in mice
King’s researcher receives NIHR funding to study Long COVID
Telling Story of Racism’s Role in Depression
Early signs: Perceptual distortions in late-teens predict psychotic symptoms in mid-life
75% of sexual assault survivors have PTSD one month later
Measuring creativity, one word at time
July issues of American Psychiatric Association journals
Direct genetic link to autism spectrum disorders
New theory suggests blood immune and clotting components could contribute to psychosis
U to test if video games can relieve late-life depression
Spending time outdoors has positive effect on our brains
Taking brain out for walk
Electroconvulsive therapy linked to longer hospital stays, increased costs
STOPMTL.CA: First interactive map to self-report police stops in Montreal
Air pollution exposure linked to poor academics in childhood
One in seven doctors are exposed to violence from patients
NIH Grant Supports Clinical Trial to Determine if Video Games Can Relieve Late-Life Depression
Addressing social needs may help mitigate distress and improve health of women with cancer
Researchers study anxiety differences between females and males
Study identifies genetic risks for suicide death in individuals with bipolar disorder
New Alzheimer’s treatment targets identified
Study finds toddlers with ASD do not differ in progress made in comparison of two treatment types
Researchers Find Link Between Child Temperament and Eating Behaviors
Awards & Accolades 8 July