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How Does COVID Affect Mental Health?
UZH Researchers Find New Measure to Predict Stress Resilience
Risk of rare blood clotting higher for COVID-19 than for vaccines
UN Disability Rights Committee issues findings on Estonia and calls for people with disabilities’ inclusion
Cellular “hotspots” in brain may signify earliest signs of cancer
Suicide among female nurses is double that of general female population
E-cigarettes with cigarette-like nicotine delivery reduce exposure to carcinogen
Stress does not lead to loss of self-control in eating disorders, study finds
Maryam Shanechi to lead brain research supported by new NIH award
New test to study language development in youth with Down syndrome
Blood test for depression, bipolar disorder offers promise of personalized treatment
ART-CARMA Clinical Study part of 6m Euro global programme
Coping with Childhood Anxiety Amid Returning to Classroom
Link between COVID-19 infection and subsequent mental health and neurological conditions found
Accelerated Cellular Aging Associated with Mortality Seen in Depressed Individuals
For COVID-19 Long-Haulers, Few Answers, But Meditation and Peer Support Offer Some Relief
Importance of Family Time During COVID-19
‘Incarceration should be a last resort for youth’
Drinking sugary beverages early in life could mean memory trouble later
National Public Health Week events at Brown will be truly national this year
Committee on Rights of Persons with Disabilities Closes Twenty-Fourth Virtual Session after Adopting its Concluding Recommendations
OCD Patients with Comorbidities Respond Well to Deep Brain Stimulation
Grand opening for centre for women’s mental health
Prioritise opportunities for chance to say final goodbye during COVID-19 pandemic, new study finds
COVID-19 pandemic leads to rapid uptake of remote consultations in mental healthcare
Paper gives voice to those bereaved during pandemic
Researchers craft AI-based tool that detects bipolar disorder at earlier stages
UW medical school ranked No. 1 for primary care training
Autism rates have increased and show differences in ethnic minorities and links to social disadvantage
Depression affects visual perception
Novel brain circuit discovery and therapy might tackle coinciding obesity and depression
Women with sensory loss twice as likely to suffer depression
Researchers discover new gene mechanism underlying neurodegenerative disorders
Knowing someone with COVID-19 increased men’s anxiety more than women’s
Resident’s NEJM essay discusses combating anti-Asian hate
Developing and researching arts in health interventions at King’s
Heritable traits that appear in teen years raise risk for adult cannabis use
OCD among new mothers more prevalent than previously thought
Pilot Study Finds Evidence of Bartonella Infection in Schizophrenia Patients
Support for problem gaming interventions
Jigsaw piece for therapy of rare genetic diseases
Could birth control pills ease concussion symptoms in female athletes?
4 expert ACMD board members reappointed
Physician-scholar continues to play key role in most significant Alzheimer’s research
Oxford awarded major funding to probe childhood poverty and social inequalities
Dr Nicola Byrne to be National Data Guardian for Health and Social Care
Disability highest for schizophrenia and personality disorders
Swinburne researchers conduct largest investigation into cognitive functioning in body dysmorphic disorder