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Bezos Family Foundation Funds Parenthood Center Transition
Brain Imaging Predicts Improvement in OCD Patients with Deep Brain Stimulation
Telehealth and Medications for Opioid Use Reduce Overdose Risk During COVID
Online Cognitive Training Ineffective in Reducing ADHD Symptoms
Childhood Hyperactivity and Impulsivity Linked to Higher Social Isolation Risk
Fibromyalgia may worsen opioid addiction, study finds
Can Cannabis Use Disorder Be Accurately Diagnosed?
Research Maps Links Between Psychosis and Immune System
Finding new drugs for depression in bipolar disorder
Research: Childhood Trauma Linked to Adult Anger
Scientists Find Odors from Others’ Sweat Can Help Treat Social Anxiety
UK: 1 in 5 People Sensitive to Everyday Sounds
1 in 5 in UK find everyday sounds intolerable: Study
When gambling becomes addiction
Viewing Self-Harm Images Online Harms: Oxford Univ. Study
Parental Depression in Infancy Linked to Emotional Difficulties in Teens
Brain Rewired by Childhood Over-Eating, Spurs Adult Overeating
Excess Calories in Youth Leads to Adult Overeating
Why Men, Women Experience Differ. Depression Symptoms Explained by Genes
Scientists Make Progress in Understanding Brain’s Code for Depression
Exercise Lowers Suicide Risk in Ill: uOttawa Study
Characterizing abnormal neural networks in dogs with anxiety
Post-Overdose Programs Linked to Lower Opioid Fatalities
Antidepressants Help Stop Cocaine Use in Opioid Treatment
Rise in Anorexia Distress with More Calories?
Adolescents Suffer Mental Health, Substance Use Impact of COVID-19
Standardised packaging on vapes reduces appeal to teenagers
VR Sports Viewing Beats 2D: Western U Study Finds
Enhanced Animal Model of DS Created by Researchers
Lower Suicide Rates Seen in Male Adolescents on ECT, Lithium, Clozapine
Lower Suicide Rates in Male Adolescents Linked to Regional ECT, Lithium, Clozapine
Novel Genes Linked to Schizophrenia Risk Identified
Neurologist Suvendrini Lena’s Creative Journey to Playwriting
Research Uses Philosophy to Empower Patient Voices in Healthcare
Epilepsy could become easier to pinpoint with blood test
Free day-long Psychedelic Summit at UC Davis Health March 23
Highly Effective Treatment for Functional Neurological Disorder in Children
Replaying experiences can help future decision making
Autism-risk kids struggle with audio-visual mismatch
Researchers Develop Blood Test for Anxiety at IU School of Medicine
Mutant Mice Aid Bipolar Disorder Study
Emyria partners for trauma psychiatric service in MDMA therapy
Schizophrenic Pregnant People Face Triple Interpersonal Violence Risk
Brain Fire Put Out: New Technique Found
Idea Factory Competition 2023 winners revealed
Too Much or Too Little Sleep Linked to Illness: Scientists
Unique Alcohol Avoidance Program Linked to Lower Death Rates
Treating Trauma in Kids/Teens: Effective Methods Found