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New national study into neurological impact of COVID-19
For toddlers with autism, more intervention hours are not necessarily better
Barch, Bateman elected to National Academy of Medicine
Research shows sugar and cocaine provoke responses from different groups of neurons
Primates aren’t quite frogs
How does food we eat affect our mood?
Study Reveals Disparities in Key Early Intervention Referrals for Developmental Delays
How screentime affects baby’s nighttime
Deep neural networks show promise for predicting future self-harm based on clinical notes
Take care of your mental health this election season
Study Finds That Unit Cohesion May Mitigate Mental Health Issues From Combat Exposure
Gene based depression treatment gains momentum
Penn Medicine Scientists Engineer Bacteria-Killing Molecules from Wasp Venom
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Opens Gender and Sexuality Development Clinic in New Jersey
Researcher examines genetic role in addiction
Look out for your mates on World Mental Health Day 2020
Will we ever shake hands again?
Statement – Report provides further understanding of defence and veteran suicide
FDA approves new drug to treat common form of muscular dystrophy based on research from University of Alberta
Higher suicide risk among older immigrants with untreated depression
Trust and income inequality fueling spread of COVID-19
£1.2 million to roll-out dementia care home programme to COVID-hit sector
Vanderbilt’s Humphreys receives Brain and Behavior Research Foundation Young Investigator Grant
Penn Medicine Researchers Receive Prestigious National Institutes of Health Director’s Awards
Self-portrait exhibition offers new lens for womanhood and female form
Neurobiology of conversation: Brain activity depends on who you talk to
New tool using video game technology to identify Autism in children
University of Southern California/UCLA center gets funding to continue studying health disparities
Nurture trumps nature in determining severity of PTSD symptoms
Social isolation increases anxiety and asymmetry in brain atrophy in Alzheimer’s disease
Novel Role of Microglia as Modulators of Neurons in Brain Is Discovered by Mount Sinai Researchers
Cross-national collaboration shows negative effects of low levels of alcohol in pregnancy
Pandemic Sets Off Future Wave of Worsening Mental Health Issues
Low level alcohol use during pregnancy can impact child’s brain development
Insomnia, sleeping less than six hours may increase risk of cognitive impairment
Researchers test brain stimulation in zero gravity
Researchers part of international team awarded NIH grant to study causes and predictors of emerging psychosis
Digital mental health treatment just as effective as in-person therapy: study
Drop in GP diagnosis of common health conditions revealed in Salford from March to May
COVID-19 social support cuts harming wellbeing of people with dementia and carers
Prenatal cannabis exposure associated with adverse outcomes during middle childhood
Deep Learning Helps Explore Structural and Strategic Bases of Autism
Vanderbilt computer scientists awarded NSF grant to restructure research’s road to public
Stanford psychologists investigate COVID-19’s mental toll on teenagers
World’s largest eating disorder gene screen
QLD researchers seeking 3,500+ volunteers for world’s largest eating disorders genetics investigation
AUS researchers seeking 3,500+ volunteers for world’s largest eating disorders genetics investigation
‘Awe Walks’ Boost Emotional Well-Being