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University of Limerick, Ireland research finds variety of opinions are crucial for ‘fostering trust’ in vaccination
Pandemic restrictions limit women’s ability to cope with abusive partners: study
Deaths from alcohol use disorder surged during pandemic
Federal subsidies kept COVID-strapped hospitals financially stable in 2020, first year of pandemic
Complacency over COVID is costing us
There’s more to health than hospital beds: Australia needs Centre for Disease Control and Prevention
Joining people, data to address gun violence
HDI to Host Prenatal Disability Education Summit
Obesity threatens US military readiness
Community healthcare workers were left feeling isolated and under-appreciated during pandemic
Synthetic ‘forever chemicals’ known as PFAS linked to liver damage
Synthetic “forever chemicals” known as PFAS linked to liver damage
New modeling reveals that ‘shielding’ strategies instead of lockdowns would have led to tens of thousands more deaths
Wentworth forum for candidates
Research reviews COVID-related hospital visitation limits and family stress
Cancer Council calls for stronger action on e-cigarettes as landmark study shows young Australians are most at risk
E-cigarettes are harmful and addicting youth: report
Memorandum on Addressing Long-Term Effects of COVID- 19
Chatbots deployed in response to Covid pandemic
Proclamation on National Sexual Assault Awareness And Prevention Month, 2022
Greens to Introduce Bill for Nurse to Patient Ratios
ACEM congratulates SA Labor on 2022 state election win
Statement by President Joe Biden on White House COVID- 19 Response Coordinator
George Institute raising awareness and engaging with school children on salt reduction
Traffic Accidents Significantly Dropped During Covid Lockdown
Greater Boston COVID Recovery Cohort Joins National Effort to Study Long-Term Effects of Covid
Novel antiviral drug combinations demonstrate Covid therapeutic potential
Preparing Pandemic Response for All New Yorkers
Covid has taken heavy toll on health workers and systems, Brown physician-scientist tells Congress
Despite workplace successes, female employment is increasingly at risk due to Covid, research shows
RACGP: Psychologist waiting list requires urgent measures
Former Speaker Tony Smith and Mayor of Ipswich Teresa Harding awarded 2021 McKinnon Prize
Experiences of racism in teens raise risk of depression for Black women
UC joins nationwide clinical study to test medications for mild-to-moderate Covid
Greater Transparency on Hidden and Distressed Debt Can Reduce Global Financial Risks and Support Recovery
Covid Used to Justify Crackdown on Union in Cambodia
Oint statement on need for free and accessible rapid antigen tests to protect public health and economic recovery
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles awarded $8.3 million to study long-term effects of COVID in children
Budget submission shows how Commonwealth can generate $17b+ in revenue, and improve public health: PHAA
OHSU investigators awarded $3 million for innovative, promising research
Study highlights opportunities to improve health outcomes for non-English speakers
Why “data for good” initiatives mostly failed to impact COVID-19 public health crisis – and how to improve
UNM biologists use zebrafish as model to understand loss of smell caused by Covid
Transit Inequity Increased During Pandemic
LGBTQ+ people experience higher unemployment as result of Covid, impacting health
Sports teams instill sense of hope during pandemic
It’s time to treat substance abuse like chronic disease
Michigan local government officials report improved fiscal health after year of Covid