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VBA grant funds creation of virtual reality training tool
Premier’s Design Awards Recognise Victorian Innovation
National Approach Needed for Industry Sustainability
Strategies for Talking Stage and Situationships
10 years of impact in Europe
Smart nanotechnology for more accurate delivery of insulin
Smart Nanotech Boosts Insulin Delivery Accuracy
Australia’s Leading Scientific Minds Unveiled
Making our roads resilient, eco-friendly and smart
Unlocking Power of AI for Human-Like Conversations
Honeybee Waggle Dance: Innate or Learned?
Recycled glass cladding earns high sustainability scores
Hardy health plant hero ingredient to help manage obesity
Appointments to Fair Work Commission Expert Panels
Swinburne on show at Avalon
Centuries-old buildings used sunken ship iron
Dear Agnes, pays tribute to international land artist
RMIT & BITS Launch Higher Education Academy
RMIT expands into India
Space Teams Academy: Virtual Astronaut Training Closest to Reality
Apartment Residents’ Waste: Not Ignorable Anymore
Research into building design to combat water damage
Recognising innovative and impactful urban agriculture projects
Australia, India to Boost Higher Ed Sector
Is Google’s FOMO hurting development of AI?
Basketball Program Helps African Australians Thrive
Cookware Safety: No Need to Fear Headlines
Responsible AI to tackle pandemics, drought and emissions
Aussie & US Scientists Team Up to Solve Global Issues
Students Get Digital Manufacturing Skills in New Course
Hydrogen From Seawater Without Desalination
Making Hydrogen from Seawater – No Desalination Needed
National project to address STEM gender gap
Affordable, Inclusive & Green Housing Needed for Ukraine’s Recovery: Report
WIDI Program Trains Workers for Social Services Work
RMIT Experts Urge Improved Consumer Protections: TIO Report
Facelift for our city’s laneways
Antibiotic innovation helps fight against superbugs
Antibiotics Combat Superbugs: Innovation Key
Going Beyond Borders
Board game confronts ‘ickiness’ of gut health
Board Game Aims to Make Gut Health Less ‘Icky’
Smart Stitches Reduce Infections & Streamline Post-Op Care
Smart Stitches Reduce Infections & Streamline Post-Op Care
Smart stitches to reduce infection, simplify post op monitoring
RMIT Europe and EIT Urban Mobility partner to tackle air pollution
Rust-Busting Invention Brings Recyclable Phone Batteries Closer
Oranges, Coffee & Seaweed Beat Cotton in Sustainable Fashion